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Rainy Day Reflections


It is raining again!  Just when I thought the skies are looking better, heavy downpour comes. On the bright side, I am really thankful that all three of us, Franco, Aki and I are in one place. The boys are snoozing while I am laptop-ing.  I guess this is one of those rare times that I will be able to tackle my blog backlogs..

hmmm. I have a lot. Let’s see. Mutual Funds 101. Mid-year new year’s resolution review.  Our Elbi Summer Vacay. Aki’s Dragon Tale. My Father’s Day Philly Cheesesteak Recipe. Mini mini mynimo. Alin dito ang ipo-post ko. Eto oh Eto. Eeeto! The chant has spoken. I will write about my new year’s resolution and some reflections.

Where do I start?  What were the things that I want to accomplish this year… Continue reading “Rainy Day Reflections”

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My Vanity Project

Last year was all about money money money. Our New Year’s resolution of wealth management kept us busy for the first months of 2012. I am proud of what we have accomplished and of how we are aligned on how we plan to accomplish our financial goals. On those days when I had to drag myself out of bed to go to work, I remind myself that if I don’t have a job, I might be dependent on my children when I grow old. Before Franco and I got serious about money, we were on the opposite ends of the pole when it comes to investing. Now, I can say, we know what we want and know how to get there. I highly recommend Efren Cruz to anyone looking for an independent financial consultant.

Anyhoo, when I make resolutions, I try to accomplish them ASAP. As the months pass, I get distracted and less commited so I want to make and implement the changes that I want right away. This year will be all about vanity. I don’t plan to be a fashionista over night. I just want to look a little more presentable . I want to care about my looks. I want to step out of the house and feel giddy because I like how I look that day. I have too many clothes that are ill fitting and not enough shoes and bags. I used to love shopping. That was until I became a mom. Family comes first of course. Who has time for shopping if you have a tantrum to tame? As a working mom, I always felt guilty about spending time in window shopping. I felt like I always have to rush home because I am not spending enough time with Aki. Why buy clothes when there is so much more important things that the family needs? Well, this year, I hope to change all that. I am more comfortable spending Friday nights in St Francis Square. Besides, I owe iit to myself to spend my hard earned money on myself.  I also made a recent change in my schedule. I go to work earlier now and am extra conscious of how I make use of the time in the office. The goal is to get home while the sun is still there. From Monday to Wednesday, I try to be home before 6PM. Those days are for Aki. On Thursday, I try to finish everything. That is my mega OT day. Fridays are for Franco and myself. This is the day when we have dinner together or maybe do some shopping.

Back to the vanity project. Here is what I have done so far

– Buy a full length mirror. We only had 1 mirror in the house and it was in the 1st floor bathroom. Having a mirror forces me to have a good look at myself before leaving the house.

Top from St Francis (PhP100), Shorts from St Francis (PhP150), Necklace from a friend
Top from St Francis (PhP100), Shorts from St Francis (PhP150), Necklace from a friend

– Start using BB cream. Mega special thanks to Maggie!

– Start using a facial wash regularly. Thanks to Maggie again for the reco!
– Buy two pairs of denim pants in Herbench. While the  skinniy jeans that I bought from Cash and Carry look good, they are not comfortable. I had not been to a Bench store for years so I was surprised to find out that their pants were reasonably priced. I used to get intimidated by the idea of buying pants from mall stores because I had this notion that denim pants cost at least 2000 bucks. Hahaha. I am really happy with my new pants and plan to buy more.
– New shoes. For the longest time, I would only wear one pair of shoes until it gives up on me.
– Have my ears repierced c/o Dra. Saulog. I love my new rubic serconia earrings. I can’t wait to buy more earrings.
– Get a new haircut.
– Accessorize. I am clueless but I am trying. I still need help on this department. What kind of necklace go with V-necks? What is the rule in mixing and matching bracelets? What are the basics? Any accesorizing 101 out there? How do you organize your accessories?   Thank you to my mother in law and to Ms DD for the necklaces!
– Got new pants, shorts and tops from St Francis. I’m such a fan of that mall! I will blog about my shopping finds one of these days.
– Buy a new bag. I got a brand new Nine West bag for one 1200 bucks from an online garage sale. Thank you, Nikki! Is there a Bag 101 guide out there? How many everyday bags does a girl need?  And is there an easy way to transfer the contents? What is stopping me from interchanging bags is that I find it such a hassle to transfer the contents from one bag to another? Continue reading “My Vanity Project”

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DRAFT: New Year’s Resolutions

I like making NY resolutions. And I like setting goals and achieving them. I have been really really busy lately that I have not yet taken time to sit down, make a list and evaluate which ones are doable. Here goes..

Read leadership books. I realized that I devour parenting and housekeeping books and magazine but I don’t invest time in reading  books that will enhance my skills professionally. For 2013, my goal is to read one management book per quarter. If I can read more, then all the better. I am done with the first book.  🙂 DOABILITY – 4/5

Monetize this blog. I just want to place ads especially Nuffnang ads. I was researching about the WordAds feature of WordPress but I learned that the earnings are not significant. Thank you, Leah for answering my questions! I have two options. First get a host and transfer to  I have no idea how much hosting costs though and I don’t want to spend much. Two, transfer to Blogspot. Nuninuninu.  Haaay. I want to have ads but I don’t want to market. Meaning, I don’t want to promote myself in Facebook or anywhere else. Any tips? DOABILITY – 2.5

Be a little more conscious of how I look. In 2010, I bought new clothes, mostly blouses. While the top part of my outfit I think is okay, the bottom half is so so. My pants are either too long or too baggy. And I don’t have nice everyday shoes. Over the holidays, I bought 2 new pairs of denim pants and organized the few accessories that I have. I also rediscovered St Francis Square. Franco and I might go shopping this weekend. Hopefully, this is the year when I finally learn how to wear skirts. DOABILIY – 3

Learn how to medidate. Last year, I had several anxiety attacks. I would wake up in the middle of the night, that is if I ever get to sleep at all, feeling very worried about things. My goal is to make 50 reps of  breathing exercises every morning.  DOABILITY – 3/5
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Mrs. Monologues

Galunggong Lumpiang Shanghai ala Rhodora

One of my projects this year is to  learn and document how to cook our favorite family dishes. This is my way of preserving history.  With the high turn-over of helpers, if I don’t learn to cook them myself, who will?

I am determined to learn my mom’ s specialties: embutido,  tinapang isda sa sinigang na bayabas and lumpiang galunggong.

Lumpiang Galunggong seems to be the easiest so I tackled that first.


1/2 kilo Galunggong
1 bunch of kinchay, chopped finely
half of a red bell pepper, chopped finely
one small onion, chopped finely
lumpia wrappers
egg for sealing the wrapper

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Holiday Gifts for Myself

A new bag. I am not a bag girl. I used to be but now, I just want a bag that I can use Mondays to Sundays from January 1 to Dec 31. Then, I will get myself a new everyday bag for 2013. I like this because the color is neutral. Another thing, there is  three sections , plus pockets. No need to take out all the stuff when I can’t find my keys because  there is a place for everything.

New shoes. I was thinking of buying Fitflops. They look so nice even on not so nice feet.  The price is not so nice though. I just can’t bring myself to buy a pair of shoes that would costs X hours away from my son. Before I buy something expensive, I compute how many hours do I need to work for that item based on my hourly rate. Then I ask myself, “Is spending X hours at work, away from Aki worth this item? “. The answer is almost always no.

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Late Mid-Year New Year’s Resolution Review

Some what was my new year’s resolution/s again?
In a nutshell, my new year’s resolution is “Love Thy Self”. I had been looking after my husband, my son, our home, my work but not myself. This new year’s resolution is very materialistic but it is just what I need:

So what have I done

 Update my wardrobe.
–  Got a new bag
I bought new office clothes because my office outfits looked so shabby whenever I stood next to our contractuals.
– At the start of the year, I scheduled a special trip to Tiendesitas to buy a couple of dozens of branded underwear overruns.  Too much info, I know but sorry, I have to share. Feeling good starts from within.
–  Cleared my closet and gave away the clothes that do not fit me anymore. Now it is getting ready is less stressful

– From the clear out, I realized that I don’t have any decent pair of  panglabas shorts.  I recently bought two pairs of shorts from St Francis
– For the first time in years, I also started  wearing accessories. I am still trying to get used to have something dangling on my neck.

Pls tell me.. are these too pa-cute for a 28 year old to wear?

Take care of my body
Got a haircut early this year and another one last June
– This year I started using conditioner everyday. I didnt want to use conditioner before because in our family, it is the women who experience severe hair loss. I was afraid that using conditioner might just contribute to the hairloss problems. After several trials, Pantene no hair fall is the one for me.
– I also started using lotion. I had been so lazy these past years. As a result, I was left with dry skin.
– I have been trying to get a good night sleep. Now, I sleep when Aki sleeps which is between 9:30-10PM. I wake up between 5-6AM.
– I also became more passionate about my new hobbies – crafts, gardening and cooking.

Before Second HaircutAfter Second Haircut

Be more thankful
– I stopped actively looking for contests because I wanted to stop wanting
– I try to document the things I want to look back to by blogging more often and taking more pictures Continue reading “Late Mid-Year New Year’s Resolution Review”

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Happy New Hair!

My New Year’s resolution is to take better care of myself. I realized that I have been looking after everybody except myself. So I got myself a new bag and a new ‘do. One of these days, I will troop to Divisoria, Cash and Carry and Market!Market! to get a new wardrobe.

Just to give you an idea of how my mornings and hair care regimen used to be. My phone alarms at 5:00AM. After some muni-muni, I get up at 5:30AM.  I take a bath. After shampoo, I apply conditioner.  I shampoo my hair every morning, followed by conditioner. I get dressed before rushing my breakfast. I brush my teeth. Play peek-a-boo with Aki while I am slowly walking away (this makes good-byes fun and less stressful for my son), I close the gate. And then, I comb my hair. All these in 45 minutes.

Anyhoo, I was really excited to get a new haircut. I wanted to have it cut short so Aki would stop pulling it. It was my first time to go to Bench Fix. I was planning on a haircut and my first ever relax treatment but the stylist told me that such treatment does not work well for short hair. I decided on the Kerastase Oleo-Relax Slim which is not cheap at all at 1700 pesos. 

This is how my hair used to be. Whenver I looked at the mirror, I am reminded of an Afgan hound.

An hour after, ta-daaaaa!


That is of course and expectedly the best that it will ever be. I dont have time to blower my hair every morning.

This is how it is on a regular day. Not so bad, right?

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