The Gift of An Ordinary Day

The Gift of an Ordinary Weeknight

I’d like to take a couple of minutes to document how special last Tuesday night was. Last Monday, I was feeling low. It was Franco’s first day in his new role. For the first time in so many years, he’s is now working on the same schedule as most people. If you have been on the night shift for almost 10 years, you’d know that this is a big deal. I was feeling low because I had meeting until 9PM. I so wanted to be home early and listen to my hubby’s tales of his first day. Instead, I got home past 10PM and both boys were already snoring. Good thing, my candidate accepted the offer. Hooray! *cartwheels* Hooray! I love being a recruiter! I must have given this candidate a great impression when we met some 2 years ago. When he saw the job ad last October, he called me and told me he’s interested. We were just chatting yesterday and he said I am now the official family recruiter because I am also trying to hire his wife. I told him to tell his brother to prepare his resume. Hehe.

Anyhoo, again I am deviating from the topic.  Last Tuesday was oh so special because our family was oh so ordinary. That morning, Franco and I had a bet. Whoever gets home late will do something for the early comer. I wish I can tell more details here *grinning*. I lost though, unfortunately. Franco was at the village gate at 5:20PM! I got there several minutes later. We had a quick trip to the grocery to buy ingredients for a dessert that I was going to make.

When we got home, Aki wasn’t there yet. When he arrived, he was so surprised to find both his parents at home. I wish I was able to take a video of the surprised expression in his face as he ran to us.  For dinner, Ate prepared grilled tilapia, sauteed snow peas with super tiny shrimps (what is hibe in English?) and tapa. I did not touch the tapa because I vowed to be a pesatarian/pescatarian/pecatarian until the end of the year. My friend, Ate Rache, opened me to the idea of   not eating meat as a form of sacrifice and thanksgiving. Wish me luck! So far, I am okay. I was expecting to feel a drop in my energy levels but so far, I feel great. The only time that was really challenging was when Ate forgot my diet. When I came home late last Monday, I was so hungry. The only food on the table was spaghetti. Imagine how difficult it was to separate the ground meat from the pasta. I had to eat one pasta strand at a time. Continue reading “The Gift of an Ordinary Weeknight”