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In Memory of Manang

I am trying to renew my love for gardening. Ever since Cheryl left, I somewhat lost my interest in plants. My love for gardening temporarily returned when Ate Nida who has a green thumb like Manang, came but she left quickly and unexpectedly. After learning the terrible news of Manang untimely death, I thought I will never enjoy gardening again.  When out of the blue, last weekend, I realized that the best way to honor her memory, would be by taking care of the garden that she loved.  I found myself uprooting and replanting flowers at 12noon.

The yellow flowers remind of orange segments. They were given to me by my SIL last Xmas. If I am not mistaken, their name is Acapulco. The bright red plants are from my mom’s garden. She has a lot of these. The next time I go back to Elbi, I am going to get more of them.

Oh Manang, we miss you everyday.