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Buttered Corn ala Aki

Good morning!
My name is Aki. I like taking pictures of myself when my mother is not looking.


Welcome to my cooking show, Cooking with Aki and Cleaning up with Mommy.

For my first dish, I will show y’all how to make one of my favorite veggie dishes, buttered corn.

First, put several tablespoons of corn kernels in your favorite pan. Special thanks to my Lola Ming for getting a cute pan that is just the right size for me. Now, add water.


Ask an adult to turn on the stove. Because my arms are not long enough for me to hold both the handle and the laddle without getting really close to the fire, my sous chef, Ate Doring was there to help. That way, I can focus on what I like best which is mix-y mix-y mixing.


Let simmer for a minute or two. Add a tablespoon of butter or margarine. Mix well until the butter is completely melted.

Taste testing. Don’t forget to blow so you don’t burn your tongue.


Transfer the corn kernels and the “soup” to your favorite bowl.


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First Day on the Job

I took a leave yesterday because


May 27 is Aki’s first day in his first job! Ever! My boy is part of the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2013.

Every summer, several fast food chains in the metro offer workshops for children. I inquired with three. There is Friday’s but there is no branch close to our place. Jollibee was my first choice because the closest branch is just a 10 minute walk from our house. Plus, they have drive-thru. Wouldn’t it be cool to see your kid hand you your order via the drive thru window? Unfortunately, we were not available during the workshop days and they only have one run. I went to the closest branch at least 3 times but they kept telling me they are still waiting for word from their head office if they will run the workshop again. Lucky me, there is McDonalds and they have 8 schedules for the workshop. The fee is very minimal at 550 only. That already includes the shirt, cap, bag, daily snacks and materials.

Aside from the fact that there is no way I am going to miss watching Aki work, I took a leave because I want to personally make sure that Aki is clear on the rules, rules that the facilitator will not tell him.

Rule # 1. No nose-picking! I reiterated this to him several times. Hehe. Side story: we were invited to a kiddie birthday party in Makati Shangrila early this month. It was my first time to attend an event there. Flooch, the same talented guy who made Aki’s first birthday party a success was the host. Every minute he was holding the mic was fun except for one instance. Aki joined one of the games and went to the stage. He was wearing his traffic enforcer costume, which by the way, did not win the best costume award (yes, I am bitter. haha). Suddenly, I wanted to hide under a rock. Standing on the stage, in front of everybody, mostly senior managers and directors from our company, Aki started to pick his nose in what felt like 30 minutes. Probably it was only for 10 seconds but it felt like eternity to me. Oh well, that is rule number 1.

Rule # 2. You can’t suddenly (pretend to) fall asleep. Like what he always does to me, when he does not like what he is being asked to do.


Rule # 3. You can not transform into a dinosaur and roar at the customers.

When we got there, Aki was immediately at home. He was the smallest but he made friends right away. Kuya Iann, the facilitator asked us, stage mommies, daddies and lolas to leave the function area. That did not stop me from peeking. From the glass door, I saw Aki  listening, laughing and participating.


After the 20 minute discussion came the most awaited part of the parents. Kids were assigned to different stations.

Aki’s first task was to place burgers inside a plastic bag. He did it well and he did it with a big smile.


When it was his turn at the counter, I was the first in line. I ordered for a small McFlurry cup which he made with the help of Ate Hanny.


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Sorting with the Avengers

Franco and I have an agreement that we will not be buying any toys for now for Aki. He has a lot already. Plus, the less toys that he has, the more he will be able to use his imagination. I thought that was crystal clear. Oh well, I can alway count on dear husband to break the rules. A few weeks ago, he came home with a surprise for his son – Avengers toy and cup sets from Petron. 

I was irritated, yes, but Aki showed me that even highly commercialized toys can be somewhat educational.

Here is how he packed away his toys.

First, put the characters inside their respective cups.

Next, match the covers with the cups. The covers have two dots. The one with green dots goes to the Hulk cup. The one with red is Iron Man’s. Blue for Captain America and black for Thor.

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Going Bananas

Here is a fun and healthy way to practice fine motor skills and analytical thinking.

Aki likes to completely peel his bananas before eating it.  When he is almost done peeling, he moves his hands to the peeled part so he can use the other hand to remove and hand the peel to me. It sounds so simple but when Aki tried it for the first time, he had to focus and think over his strategy thoroughly.

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Aki’s Favorite 15 Peso Bath Toy

Having a toddler is like having a time machine.  Everyday, I get transported to the days of childhood. Because of my tot, I have learned to appreciate and get wow-ed by the simplest things.

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Playing with Worms

I am doing my best to raise a very curious child, a child who would be happy to stay at home and play with rocks, watch ants and inspect worms. I want him to be very much aware of his surroundings and be able to find ways to entertain himself.

If you are also from our side of Paranaque, you have probably seen a lot of these.

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Color Matching Game

Growing up, I used to avoid the word “matching”.  It sounds like “matsing”, the local word for monkey. I used to get teased a lot because my nickname sounds like monkey. I hated being teased so anything related to monkeys and bananas, I tried to avoid. Kids can be so mean. Or maybe I was just too sensitive.


Or maybe, I just ramble too much. Anyhoot, I got the idea for this game from Faye’s post about teaching colors. I showed Aki how to play the game once. After that, he has been doing it all the time.   I don’t even have to prompt him. One time, I could not understand why he got suddenly all excited. Turns out, his Jellyace was the same color as the star on my shirt. Continue reading “Color Matching Game”

Learning Through Play · Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki’s Precious Rocks

This just goes to show the educational toys and games need not to be pricey.

Initially, I wanted to make musical shakers.  However, Aki was not in mood for making music. All he wanted to do was to  fill the small plastic jar and then empty it. Then filling it again and so on. The next time we went out to enjoy the garden, I brought a bigger clear jar. I asked Aki to collect small stones. We inspected each stone before dropping them into the jar. On the next round, I told him to get big rocks. We counted each rock before  putting them  inside the container.

Total Cost – Zero pesos

Lessons learned – Big and Small, Full and Empty, Numbers

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