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Less Structure and Toys = More Imagination and Creativity

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably noticed that we don’t have as many learning activities as we used to. That is because Aki comes up with his own games. The less structured our activities are, the more imaginative he gets. The fewer the toys, the more his creative juices flow. 

Fide, Pol, Tlee, Too, Nan!
Blast Off!
The Koh (The Claw)
Improvised Tube Game using an empty Yakult bottle, pieces of chalk and his disassembles football goal
Jake from Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates

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A Sad Tale of Octopus and Baby Uod

Our favorite family bonding activity latey is playing with finger and hand puppets.I am not referring to the cute animal puppets from Ikea (Thanks, Ameronie!). Definitely not Furky, the freaky furry puppet from Blue Magic. We kept that away ever since Aki started enjoying chewing its tail.

Friends, meet TicTacToe Octupus and Baby Uod (Baby Worm)

Our usual characters are actually Baby Uod and his mommy, Mummy Uod. Last week, I thought I will give Mummy Uod a break to see how Baby Uod will interact with a new playmate.

After a minute or two of swimming in the imaginary waters and sliding down my leg.

Baby Uod: I Hamdi! (I’m hungry!)
Octopus: Oh, ok. So what do you want to eat?
Baby Uod: White rice and Egg, Fiiiis. (Fiiis = please)

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Faki, Feki, Fiki, Foki and Aki’s other pet fish

Please say hi to Faki, Feki, Fiki and Foki. Had we bought a fifth fish, can you guess what would we call it?

We got these goldfish from a vendor outside Manila Zoo. We had no plans of buying but it seemed that Aki had no plans either of leaving without a new pet. 

Franco predicted that they will die the next day. He was wrong! Only one died the next day. Two died on the second day.  No more deaths on the third day! Yey! Unfortunately, the last fish swimming went to sea heaven on the fourth day. 

Aki has a thing now for fishes. Whenever he sees a crayon or a chalk, he asks us to draw small and big fishies. Leaving for work now has less drama because every morning Aki looks forward to our parting walk so he can visit our neighbors’ outdoor aquarium and koi pond.

Aki loved his pet fishies. He would spend so much time just staring at them. Everytime we had visitors including the mineral water delivery guy and the taho vendor, Aki would proudy show them off. If the tank did not have cover, his  little hands, for sure, would be swimming with his pets. Continue reading “Faki, Feki, Fiki, Foki and Aki’s other pet fish”

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Paper Dolls for Aki

My sister and her family were here last weekend. Look what Jyl and I made using toilet paper tubes.

It took a lot of self-control to stop myself from drawing floral, asymmetrical tops and flowing pretty skirts. I had to remind myself and Jyl that our toddler is a boy and won’t be able to relate to girly clothes.

Isn’t my number themed pants, the coolest? Unfortunately, Aki is only interested in knocking off the tubes.

Learning Through Play · Memoirs of a Mummy

Obstacle Course

From the end of the make shift tunnel, Aki had to run, pick up a doll and jump over the blocks, run again and shoot the the toy into the basket.

After dumping the toy, he had to turn around and go thru the obstacle race again. This time, he had to tap the candy colored monobloc chairs as he passed by.

I was surprised that he can follow directions. However, after 3 rounds, he got distracted and played another game.

Learning Through Play · Memoirs of a Mummy

Mummy, there is a giant triangle in our living room floor!

That was the reaction that I wanted to get when I showed my surprise to Aki.

While  he did not say those exact words, I know that was what he was trying to say when he excitedly pointed at the triangle with wide eyes and said oooooooooooooooooooow!


Colored tape

That’s it!


Afforadable – The tape costs 30+ pesos only and we only used a small portion of it.

No clean up required. We will let the shapes stay for  a while.

Reinforces shape recognition.

Improves gross motor skills.  You will often hear me say ” Aki, jump sa triangle! Triangle! Triange! Triaaaaangle… Square! Soccor mom, is that you? hehe. Aki seems to enjoy jumping from one  shape to the other. He also likes marching inside the shapes and throwing his rings into the shapes. Hmmm. Just got an idea. What if I make an octagon time out corner? Nuninuninuu…

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Memoirs of a Mummy

How to Relieve Toddler Teething Pain (ala Aki)

Today, we celebrate Aki’s 18th month birthday. Sadly, I only got to spend a few minutes with him today because I need to go to work ( I already took a leave yesterday). When I came home at 7:30PM, two hours before his sleeping time, he was  already in zzzz zzzz zzz land. What is even more unfortunate is that he is spending his one and a half birthday with painful swollen gums. He has not one, not two, not three but 5, yes FIVE, teeth that are about to erupt.

How I wish I can take away the pain. If I can make  a deal with the tooth fairy to trade in Aki’s pain with five of my molars, I really would. He has been on Tempra almost every 4 hours since Sunday afternoon. After taking the medicine, his temperature would go down but would go up again after a few hours. He has been eating less, even rejecting his favorites yogourt and Yakult. To say that he is extremely cranky and clingy these past few days is an understatement.

And when all else fail, this pair of bright blue boots saves day!


Aki loves his blue boots so much. As soon as he wakes up, he looks for them and wants to put them on immediately. I thought, like yogurt and Yakult,  they would temporarily lose their magic on my boy, but no, he became less fussy as soon as he wore them.

And because he kept pointing at the door and doing the drivey drivey baby sign, we let him sit for a few minutes behind the wheel. For this toddler, happiness is playing with the horn until the neighbors complain.

For this mummy, happiness is seeing my teething toddler happy. We will be forever thankful to Tempra and to these improvised toys that made our little one forget the big bad pain inside his mouth.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Non-toy Toys: The improvised drum set

 Tin Cans + Plastic Container + Wooden Box = Instant Drumset!

When he got tired, he decided to stack his drums. He was extremely pleased and proud of the tower that he made.

Each second is indeed spent playing and learning.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Non-toy Toys: Toilet Paper Tubes

From toilet paper tubes, we were able to make a toy anaconda which Aki likes to drag everywhere.

He also likes stacking them and using them as microphones.

And with the pole of his now broken basketball ring, we take turns as we play toilet paper tube polo.

But our ultimate favorite thing to do with tubes is playing Robo-baby! Too bad we don’t have a good picture. The tubes fall as soon as he tries to move. Aki becomes Robo-baby when there are 2 tubes  on each of his arms and legs.

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