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Before and After: Boring Wall

Because it was Mother’s Day, I got Franco to finally agree to let me convert this boring wall into a photo wall.


Normally, he does not want anything on our walls. He likes ’em plain and boring but since it was My Day, he could not say no to me. Hehe. Thanks, Bebekoy! Unfortunately, this project was put on hold because of some roadblocks in reproducing the prints that I want to display. Maybe next time. I am not sad at all because what I did instead is nicer.

Before we go there, here is how the bookshelves looked like some weeks ago.


Not bad but it hurts my eyes. It definitely looked better last January. My family has this bad habit of not putting things in their rightful place and then totally forgetting about them. I also realized that Aki’s top 100 children’s books should be on the lowest shelves. While arranging the books per color of the spine makes the shelves look organized, looking for a specific book is sometimes a challenge. Not good for someone like me who gets panic attacks when I realize that something is missing or when I feel like I need to find something pronto. What is wonderful with my shelves is that they are really flexible. They are light and are not attached to the wall. I can move and rearrange them. And that is what I did.

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New Doors and Upcoming House Projects

It is been months since I posted anything related to the house or to home-making. Now that we have a great yaya slash househelp, problems inside the house get resolved before I get informed.  No need for me to get OC crazy coz she takes care of things without being asked. I don’t need to spend Friday night planning menus and making my weekly  palengke shopping list. The garden gets trimmed even before  I notice that unwanted weeds are growing. More about Manang on a separate post.

For now, let me share our most recent major  house project: our new doors.

Before, it looked like this. I have always wanted sliding doors because I am in love with Swedish panel curtains.

The sliding doors slide on the outer side of the wall. We  had it made that way so we can make use of the inner side of walls. Bad move! The doors get stuck because  little pebbles get inside the rails. Also, the doors can be easily removed. Yup, as in, we can remove the doors. Iskeri!

As as security measure, we’ve added extra doors made of hardwood.  It was supposed to be a solid door but I decided to change the design so light can pass thru.  We kept the sliding door but had let go of the panel curtains. 😦

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