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What’s Cooking? What’s Blanching?

Once I have the time, I will blog about these dishes that I whipped up in my kitchen

Crepe with Cookie Butter filling. I have a good excuse for the green color. I did not want to go out just to get the 2 tablespoons of butter for this recipe. The closest that I had to butter was buttercream frosting from Aki’s dinosaur cake.And that black thing is not bagoong. That is ganache from Franco’s birthday cake last August. Please don’t judge me for making the most out of our leftovers šŸ˜›
Chelsea’s Graham Balls.


My Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies


Poached Fish. Since we are pretending to watch our weight, I have been trying out new ways to cook.


Here is something from our pre-diet days — Philly Cheesesteak. We are now fans of caramelized onions.


Speaking of healthy, I would like to share a cooking method that I discovered lately — Blanching. There are so many reasons why you should try blanching. It is fast and easy. It preserves the flavor, texture and nutrients. I learned from a very reliable source, the home TV shopping channel, that when you boil your veggies, the nutrients are transferred to the water. If you want to get all the nutrients, you have to eat the veggie and drink all of the soup. When veggies are overcooked, their nutritional value also diminishes. Continue reading “What’s Cooking? What’s Blanching?”

Memoirs of a Mummy

An Impromptu Trip to the Dentist

Last last year, when brushing Aki’s teeth in the evening often ended in tears and power struggles, I attempted several times to blog about how I got Aki to cooperate. Those posts were never published because every time I thought I finally found the winning strategy, Aki would again make life difficult for me. I tried a lot of things. Many of them worked but not for long.

Some strategies that we tried

– Giving him two or more toothbrushes and letting him choose. At most, we had 5 I think
– A yummy toothpaste. We used to use Earth’s Best.
– I brushed his teeth and let him brush mine
– A book became part of our routine for a time. Aki pretended to brush the teeth of the baby in the book whileĀ  I brushed his teeth
– Electric toothbrush. This one really helped. Aki got more interested because of his gadget
– Gargling but Aki got more interested in making those funny sounds than opening his mouth for the toothbrush

I am so sure the list of failed strategies was longer but I can’t remember the rest now. That is all behind me. Aki is much more cooperative now and even reminds me to brush his teeth before we got to bed. If you have a young toddler and he is giving you a hard time whenever a toothbrush gets near his mouth, my wish for you is that one day, he will magically transform into a cooperative kid,Ā  just like what happened to Aki.

Anywho, this post is really all about our impromptuĀ  trip to the dentist. I just thought of bringing Aki to one since we did not have any plans for that morning. In 30 minutes, we were already in the clinic. That is one of the perks of living in this part of the south. Everything, the mall, school, church, hospital, Jollibee, grocery and the dentist clinic areĀ  just minutes away.

We went to Dr. Jaime Samonte, the dentist that Aki and his classmates visited. Teacher Tina is so right when she told me that even if Dr Jaime is not a pedia dentist, he is very good with kids. He was very pleasant, very assuring and very patient. His rates for kids are much much less compared to what pedia dentists charge.

First, he let Aki choose the flavor of the toothpaste. He showed him what was the orange bib for. He also introduced each of his “gadgets”.

What Aki enjoyed the most was playing with the chair. He was amazed at how the chair and the backrest can go up and down.


Those little introductions made Aki feel right at home. When it was time to check and clean his teeth, all his fears were gone.

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