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Books! Books! Books from Booksale!

What you are looking at is a picture of my 2,500 peso loot from Booksale. Oh yes, we spent that much on books in just two days. In my defense, the total bill got that high because hubby bought a couple of special edition Marvel comics.

I bought several books from the top 100 children’s books list for my bookworm. We gave these books on the night of his birthday.

We are loving The Little Mouse, Chicka Chicka, Ping, Three Little Wolves and Make Way for Ducklings.  The same artist who drew We Are Going on a Bear Hunt and Everyday Babies did the illustrations for Three Little Wolves. Also, the same couple behind The Napping House did the Little Mouse book.

I thought Is Your Mama a Llama is part of the top 100 list. I was wrong.  It is a nice book but I would not buy it if I knew.

Moving on. We also started our Christmas gift shopping. When I saw these hard-to-find books, I just could not leave without them. All of them are also part of the top 100 list. I plan to give out these books to children of my friends.

Christmas story books are now all over Booksale stores. We already have A Night Before Christmas Book but the illustrations in this one was so dreamy. It did not hurt that it was only 35 bucks.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Routines and Rituals: Car Rides

Ever since I got to read Dr. Harvey Karp’s The Happiest Toddler on the Block book, we have been trying to implement as many routines and rituals as we can. According to the book, doing the same thing everyday lowers kids’ stress, builds their confidence and makes them feel smarter. Adding rituals or simple specific actions adds a dash of fun to routines.

Routines are not just for the kids. Routines also help  parents and caregivers. For example, we have eliminated the morning dramafest whenever I leave for work when we started our morning routine. Every morning, when I go to the office, Aki and Cheryl also leave the house. We walk together until we reach the guard house where I kiss Aki goodbye. Aki and Che then, walk towards one of our neighbors’ house to watch koi fishes. It really was difficult before when Cheryl was still new. Aki did not like his new yaya and refused to be left alone with her. Now, he looks forward to his morning walk and even says goodbye to me first.

One of the rituals that Dr. Karp suggested is playing the same song every time we get in the car.

Here is our playlist.

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This Toddler’s Mother’s Books

When I was cleaning the house in preparation for hubby’s  Japanese birthday party, 2 months before Aki’s birthday, I had a major realization: I am so not prepared for toddlerhood. When I was still preggy, I read my baby books at least twice. I bookmarked helpful reference sites and had a special folder in my email for baby related issues.

And so, I got this book, the Smart Mom’s Guide to the Toddler  Years. Unfortunately, life got on the way and I was only able to read the book when Aki reached his 14 month.  I love this book because concerns unique to Filipino moms like raising a bilingual kid and dealing with yayas where discussed. I also like that the tips are very specific. For example, the book suggests that to teach kids about the value of money and saving, we should never leave loose coins lying in the house. Also, bringing a shopping list, showing it to the kid and most importantly, sticking to the list, were also suggested. From PhP295, the book was marked down to PhP 100  


For play, I refer to these two books: Child’s Play by Maja Pitamic and Things to Do to Learn and Play by Dorothy Einon.  Most of the activities in these books are for kids two years old and up but there are a few pages on games for younger toddlers like Aki. It is from these books where I got the idea to make an anaconda out of paper tissue tubes and to make an improvised drum set out of old tin and plastic cans.

To instill discipline, I bought this book, Parenting the Defiant Child. Most of the tips are for older childer but I still looove this book because of the discussion on the proper way to PRAISE. Accdg to this book, Praise should be specific to the action (you did a good job in packing away your toys vs. good job), cheerleader level like in enthusiasm and involve touch or physical gesture such as a hug or a high five.

I am currently reading First Aid for Children, published by the John Hopkids Children’s Center. This book or any other book on First Aid is a must for caregivers of adventurous kids and toddlers. I love the illustrations and guides in this book.

Aki is not so much of a talker yet. I try not to worry when I come across articles that say he should be able to say around 20 words by now. He says Duh for Daddy, Ta for Tita, Ba for Lolo and Lola, Ija for Manang Lydia, Os Os for Toast. Mamamam for Mummy is reserved for those moments when he is about to explode because of frustration. I am blaming my overeagerness to the mummy in shining armor. I am so good at reading his body language that I become to eager to appease him. From this book, I learned that I should try ignore whenever he points at things that he wants, even just for  a couple of seconds. And before giving the item to him, I should say the name of the object while making sure that I am on his level so we can have eye contact and he can see how I say the word. 

Hands down, my ultimate favorite toddler parenting book is….

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