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Favorite Gifts We Gave and Received Last Christmas


We did not get to see the Pope but by reading and listening about his visit, I already feel extremely blessed.  I am thankful that God sent a charismatic messenger to us to show how much we are loved.

Still on the topic of Christmas, we were blessed  to be surrounded by generous and thoughtful friends and family. All gifts were very much appreciated. And don’t you just love heartfelt notes?  Continue reading “Favorite Gifts We Gave and Received Last Christmas”

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Thoughtful Early Christmas Gifts

Speaking of thoughtful, I want to share this forgotten draft about the first Christmas gifts that I received last year.

Faye got me Christmas movies for our Christmas movie marathon tradition.


One reason why I don’t buy stuff online is because I don’t have time to go to the bank to pay. Franco’s paranoia has rubbed on me. Paying online scares me.  Some months ago, I bought this jar in an online garage sale. Will share what I did with it in a separate post. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I kept delaying going to the bank to place my payment until I forgot out the jar. I think the seller (Hello Bonnie! Please don’t hate me.) put the jar up for sale again and sweet Rachel bought it for me because she knew I was not able to do so.


My suki at our Sunday parish market gave me a little something last Christmas to show their appreciation for my patronage. So sweet!


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Uniwide Shopping: Gift Ideas

Moving on, Uniwide is also heaven to anyone looking for reasonably priced gifts and knick knacks.

Some of my favorite finds..

Plain white ceramics. I was so tempted to get several ramekins but the ones available had no note that says that they are oven-safe.


If you want to make your home more Christmas-y. This is the place to be



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What to give to kids who have it all

Since we are on the topic of gifts, let me share the latest gift that we gave. I always find it difficult to give gifts to kids who already have it all. Last year, I gave a gardening set complete with with munggo seeds. Last week, we got invited to the birthday party of the kids of our neighbors. Just basing on the kid-size play house by their swimming pool, these kids already have the coolest toys any 3 and 7 year old could want. After much thought, I decided not to give toys. Books are my go-to gifts but I had a feeling that they already have a great library.  What Aki gave them is  a painting set. Hopefully they will enjoy making their own masterpiece.


I got all of these from the Merriam Webster bookstore beside Don Bosco Makati. The acrylic paint was surprisingly affordable. The orange and the green things are aprons. Please send a note thru the contact page if you want to know the prices.

Thank you to Mandy and Lara’s parents for inviting us. Hope the kids will like our gift.

PS. This colorful yarn is one of the best craft things I ever bought. It saved me many times when I could not think of any creative way to wrap a gift.
PS. This colorful yarn is one of the best craft things I ever bought. It saved me many times when I could not think of any creative way to wrap a gift.
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Mother’s Day Gifts

If there was a Best Gift Giver award, it will definitely not be given to my husband. He is on the practical side and prefers to give cash gifts. He also does not have the patience to sit for several minutes to thoroughly think what gift to give and really find it.  Many times, he’d give me a gift and I’d bite my lips as I smile and say thank you but in the back of my mind I ask, “What was he thinking? or I wonder who was the officemate who sold these slippers to him”. Which is why, I try to drop hints of what I want to receive.  A couple of weeks before Mother’s Day, I was telling him of this kitchen toy that I saw in SM – Yonanas. It is a cool gadget that makes ice cream out of frozen fruits. I was expecting that he’d buy me one but he got me something better.

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Scrimping and Splurging: Back-To-School Shopping

Where did the last 5 months go? Can you believe we are already in the middle of 2013? For kids, June means the end of summer and the start of the school year. For parents, June is the month of paying for tuition fee, of wrapping books (which does not excite me at all), and of course, shopping for school supplies.

Fortunately, Aki’s school kept the art materials and other supplies that we bought last year. Because of that, my shopping list was slashed significantly. After comparing prices, I found out that the school supplies shopping place-to-be is ….. drum rolls please…. Booksale! Yup, another reason to visit Booksale. School supplies there are cheaper compared to the ones sold in the more known bookstores. If last year’s shopping trip in Cash and Carry was not stressful, shopping in Booksale this year is even better. No lines at all.  I got these for Aki


And because I doubt like cramming and I hate last minute birthday invitations, I stocked on gift-able books for Aki’s classmates.


Booksale is known to be a bookstore of second-hand books but they also have a lot of brand new ones. You just have to inspect books carefully. Although this is not true for all books, I noticed that one way to spot a brand new book is to check if it has a mark on the pages. I think Booksale does this so the discounted books sold at their stores will not be sold elsewhere for the original price.


From books, let’s move on to socks. Last year, I was surprised to find out how expensive socks sold in malls are. I can’t remember exactly but I think we bought a set of three for 150 or 200 bucks.Yes, that is already expensive based on my standards.  I am a commuter who regularly checks out bangketas or sidewalk vendors. I know I can get 3 pairs for as low as 50 bucks. That’s exactly what I did this year.


We scrimped on socks. We scrimped on school supplies. We scrimped on gifts for classmates.  School shoes was a different story. Continue reading “Scrimping and Splurging: Back-To-School Shopping”

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Gift Wrapping for Baby W and Baby X

When was the last time I blogged about gift wrapping? December?

Several of Aki’s classmates celebrated their 4th birthdays this year but I have been a very lazy gift wrapper. I just turned to my go-to spiderweb design.

Last Sunday, feeling inspired because of the gifts my boys gave me, I excitedly wrapped the books for Baby W and Baby Z.

For Baby W, I individually wrapped each book using craft paper and Japanese paper, stacked them  and bundled them.


The gifts look nice from the aerial view but something seemed missing if you look at them from a far.

So, I made a half pompom. See tutorial here.


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Happy New Year Gifts

aka late Christmas gifts.

Months before Christmas, I was already planning what to give to Aki’s classmates and teachers for the holidays. Soon it was December already. I realized that we did not have anything prepared on last day of school. Yikes. Where is my bad mommy award? We were happy recipients of gifts but deep inside it felt like I were a melting snowman. I tried to justify with myself that we will just give gifts on the first day of school. The kids and their parents would probably appreciate our gift more now.  It is easier to appreciate the small things when there are less things going on ( and less gifts coming). Excuses excuses.  Oh, did I mention that I let Aki wear a blue top for the Christmas presentation when everyone in the class was supposed to wear green? Ako na talaga! To think that I have not yet forgiven myself for letting Aki wear his Spiderman costume in the school halloween party, I should have thoroughly re-read the memo. In my defense, I lost that memo. Hehe.

Anyhoo, last October, we received these yummy sugar cookies from Franco’s jujitsu sansei. They were baked by Iya, his girlfriend. We ordered several dozens of gingerbread men cookies last month and gave them away to our office friends.


Because Christmas is over, we can’t gift gingerbread men anymore to Aki’s teachers. Instead, we asked Iya to make cookies of  little boys and girls in Aki’s school uniform. The classmates will get these. Each classmate gets the first-letter-of-his-name cookie.

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