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Bestfriend and Firstborn

Happy happy 33rd birthday to my bestfriend and eldest child. Thank you for encouraging Aki to play in the rain and for letting me buy all the books that I want in Booksale. Thank you for never failing to tell me when I am overreacting and for teaching our son how to dance. Maybe soon, I will also learn the art of sleeping all day. Enjoy your special day! Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in bed. Love you!


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The Boys

Can’t think of any catchy title for this post. Speaking of The Boys, do you also like The Voice Ph? After watching numerous talent and singing shows where the winner fails to make waves after winning, I thought I will never watch another reality TV singing contest again. I am surprised that I am hooked to this show. The coaches are relevant and truly talented. The talents are, well, talented.

Anyhoo, this post is about my boys.

Aki: I have green yayay (saliva)!  So cool!
Aki: I have green yayay (saliva)! So cool!

Aki is such a boy, special thanks to his dad. Friends tell me that Franco reminds them of their older brothers.  Franco is both gross and protective. He reminds me too of my kuyas or older boy cousins who loved to tease me or scare me to death when I was little.

Last month, we were in Glorietta, and I noticed that Aki’s butt crack was showing. I told Franco to go up to his son and pull up the shorts. Franco told Aki to fix his shorts.  Instead, Aki pulled his short down to expose his whole butt with matching booty dance and naughty smirk. The people who saw him found him amusing but for sure the parenting police would have wanted us arrested if they were there. Can you guess who Aki was copying? Definitely not me!

Because my dad died when I was two (my sister was only months old) and because I grew up surrounded with females, the male bonding activities that Aki and his dad enjoy, never fail to either amaze, surprise or scare me.  My husband is a big kid at heart. When Aki gets a new toy, Franco sometimes gets more excited.  When my boys are fighting, it feels like I am raising 2 rowdy sons. Sometimes, I put Franco on time-out too for being naughty and too makulet. hehe.

Even though our parenting style always confuses Aki (eg Me: Go ahead and cry.  Franco: Stop. Crying. Now. ) there is no doubt in my mind that Franco is the best dad for our son.

Here are some of the activities they like to do together.


They like having a drink together. For now, it is just Yakult but after many years, Aki might take after his dad’s love for that Daniels-something.


They build toys together.


Unfortunately for me, both like loud rock music that hurts my ears. They like playing air guitar and headbanging. Anyone else who has had more than enough of the Metallica song Battery? Continue reading “The Boys”

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In House Magic Show

We are going home to Elbi tonight! Yey! Aki has been having the time of his life. I would not say the same for myself but the last 4 days had not been that bad. If there is something good about Aki’s first vacation without us, that would be more couple time for me and Franco. Since Aki is not here, I don’t pressure myself to leave the house and go home early to avoid the traffic. Now, Franco and I get to eat breakfast and dinner. We have more meaningful and nonsense conversations, more petty fights and more kisses and cuddles. These are usually reserved for weekends since  we work on different schedules.

Anyhoo, Franco is notorious in his family for having flavors of the month. He is always interested in something new  and in no time, will jump into another obsession. Fighting fish, arnis, dieting, dogs, name it. Early this year, he was obsessed about magic.

See for yourself, the coolest and funniest magic show in this part of Bicutan.

Did you get the last part? He made the coin jump out of his mouth!! Isn’t that amazing?

No?? I know!! Haha. But as you can hear from the falcetto of my kilig laugh, I am such  fan of this silly magician.

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My Poor Husband

I read somewhere that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. I think there is some truth to that. If you surround yourself with people who always complain, you will get more negative. Last year, the 5 people I spent most of my time with were 1) Marge, my seatmate 2) Rosie 3) Aki 4) Ate Dorina and 5) Franco. In terms of fashionability, I was indeed the average of them. Margie, I’d say is a 10/10. She has nice clothes and wears make up all the time. When I sat beside her for the first time, I thought I was with Maui Taylor. Rosie is an average. Maybe, she’d be around 6.  She is not fashion conscious but she is always presentable. Then, there is Aki. What can I say about his fashion sense? He is still a baby. He does not care what he wears. Let’s give him a 0/10, shall we? Ate Dorina, although she does not earn not much, makes regular trips to the ukay ukay. Maybe she is around a 2. As for my Franco, he is the un-vain-est person I know. He’s a negative 3 in the fashionablility scale. I actually like that. One of the first reasons why I fell in love in him was that he does not really care that much what others people think of him. To my husband, functionality comes first before aesthethics. I really like his confidence but I hope he’d be more conscious.

Example number one

Until I discovered it, this was the lunch box that he was using. He has been approached several times because his officemates thought he was giving away ham.


We had a petty fight because he wanted to go to work wearing his favorite shoes.


Packaging tape has many uses. Aside from packing and holding old beaten up shoes together, it can also be used to hide scratches in your car.


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A Father’s Brand of Fun

Yesterday was my dad’s 56th birthday. Today is his 27th death anniversary. I was only 2 years old when he died. My sister was only 10 months then. We don’t have  lot of memories of our dad. We know though, from the stories  of our families and friends, that he was kind, funny, and romantic. Even if he was not with us growing up, we did not feel incomplete or unloved. Mummy showered us with love and patience. And maybe because we are fatherless, our relatives from both sides, were extra nice to us.

Now that I am also a parent, I can see how much fun it really is to have a dad, especially for little boys. I want to think that I am a fun and cool mom in Aki’ eyes but I have to admit that Franco’s brand of fun is worlds apart from mine.

Here are some of their bonding moments

1. Putting pentel pen tattoos on each other.

2. Reading comics. Sometimes I wonder who enjoys the Spidey action figures more? Oh, the second word that Aki learned to read is Marvel.

3. Playing in the rain

4. Ninja ninja! Continue reading “A Father’s Brand of Fun”

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Christmas Ornaments from El Sal

My husband is great at a lot of things. He is great leader. He is a martial arts black belt. He is everybody’s friend. However, gift giving is not one of his forte.

I asked him to get me El Salvadorean ornaments from his business trip. I told him I want something that would remind us of the 3 week separation. Look what he brought home for me.

I am sure El Salvadoreans are more creative than this.

Look what we have here. Christmas lights………. made in China!

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Mr. and Mrs. Kuripot’s Date Night

I hardly have posts related to my social life and quality time with my husband because I really don’t have anything to blog about. I rarely get to meet up with non-office friends. I don’t mind that. However, couple time with my husband, I do miss. He works on the night shift so on weekdays, we get to see each other for about 15-30 minutes only. The good thing about that is after 8 years of being together, I still am excited to see him.

Recently, Franco and I made a deal that once a month, we will file a leave on the same day and go out on a date. There is nothing fancy or extraordinary about our date nights but I would like to document what a typical date is like. When we grow old, I would like to look back at how the small things made our relationship stronger and exciting.

Would you believe I haven’t stepped inside Rockwell Mall? I lived in Makati from 2004 to 2009. In those five years, my favorite malls were Makati Cinema Square and Waltermart. Those are still my favorite and Franco’s too. We tried to go down the memory lane and visited both malls last Friday. We ate in the same shawarma stall that we loved as boyfriend-girlfriend.

We had a quick trip to the grocery to buy 2 dozens of our favorite hotdogs and garlic longganizas. Promise, the cheezy franks in Waltermart are the best!! I think the brand is Mother’s Best or Earth’s Best. It is in the buy per piece section.

We also hoarded on our current favorite sweet treats – strawberry chocolate chips from Meiji. I initially just got two packs but dear hubby insisted that we get more since Aki and Chloe and Margaux like the chocolates too. I shamed my husband by asking him to pose for  photo as the cashier was pretending not to laugh. He obliged and that is why I love him.

We went to Japan Home where I got two vety cute pancake pans. Will blog about them shortly.

Then to MCS we went. A trip to MCS is never complete without shopping for deebidees at the basement and for second hand books and back issue magazines in our favorite branch of Booksale. These kids would agree that the MCS Booksale branch is very conducive for reading. We went home with 7 books for Aki and one magazine each for us

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Derek from Dakota

WARNING: This is a mushy post.

Last Saturday, I watched MYXX for the first time in months. You see, I am not a music person. I listen to songs without closely listening to the lyrics. Aki woke up earlier than usual on that day. We always wake up between 5:30-6AM on weekdays but last Saturday, Aki’s body clock had different plans. He woke up quarter before 5AM, energetic and ready to party! I was still groggy and not at all in the mood for rough play. Thank God for MYXX TV  in Channel 23.

Aki does not know how to dance yet but when he listens to music that he likes, he shakes his head left and right like crazy. And that is what he did when Let me See you Wiggle it, Just a Little Bit was playing. Seeing him party on his own baby way was enough to wake me up. I was having blast seeing my son have a blast.

Then a Ricky Martin..

Then a Gloria Estefan.

Then this New Radicals song  that has been playing on my head over and over for a week now…

90 miles outside Chicago
Can’t stop driving
I don’t know why
So many questions
I need an answer
Two years later
You’re still on my mind

Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?
Who holds the stars up in the sky?
Is true love just once in a lifetime?
Did the captain of the Titanic cry?

Someday we’ll know if love can move a mountain
Someday we’ll know why the sky is blue
Someday we’ll know why I wasn’t meant for you

Does anybody know the way to Atlantis
Or what the wind says when she cries?
I’m speeding by the place that I met you
For the 97th time tonight

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