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A Father’s Brand of Fun

Yesterday was my dad’s 56th birthday. Today is his 27th death anniversary. I was only 2 years old when he died. My sister was only 10 months then. We don’t have  lot of memories of our dad. We know though, from the stories  of our families and friends, that he was kind, funny, and romantic. Even if he was not with us growing up, we did not feel incomplete or unloved. Mummy showered us with love and patience. And maybe because we are fatherless, our relatives from both sides, were extra nice to us.

Now that I am also a parent, I can see how much fun it really is to have a dad, especially for little boys. I want to think that I am a fun and cool mom in Aki’ eyes but I have to admit that Franco’s brand of fun is worlds apart from mine.

Here are some of their bonding moments

1. Putting pentel pen tattoos on each other.

2. Reading comics. Sometimes I wonder who enjoys the Spidey action figures more? Oh, the second word that Aki learned to read is Marvel.

3. Playing in the rain

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