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Paper Fortune Tellers

Aki came home from school last year and begged me to make paper fortune tellers. I WAS THRILLED! I learned how to make them when I was 9 years old. Big big thanks to our trusty ChildCraft encyclopedia set.   I remember how proud I was because it was me who introduced my grade school classmates to this super easy and fun paper craft. How can I not be thrilled, twenty years later, when my own kid, born in the digital era, shows interest in the same old school plaything?

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Mother’s Day Makeover Project

Mother’s Day is when I ask my husband to do the things he will not normally do. Let’s see. In the past, we have trooped to Quezon City, go pillow case shopping and roam the make-up section. To continue the tradition, this year, I have asked him to help me in my craft project. One of our neighbors was about to dispose this bench.  It wasn’t pretty but it had potential. No one makes chairs like that anymore. I had a carpenter fix it so it will look like a chair again.  Continue reading “Mother’s Day Makeover Project”

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Halloween Post: Who you gonna call??!!!

This year we introduced Aki to our favorite movies and shows from the 80’s and 90’s. I was not surprised at all when he begged for a Voltes V costume. I initially said yes, thinking a Steve costume would be easy peasy. But no! Aki clarified that he wanted to be the robot with matching laser sword, ultramagnetic top and all the other effects. Last year, he made it clear that he was disappointed when we settled for a viking costume instead of the 4 headed dragon that he really wanted. If he is going to be like his cousins, I figured that Aki will only dress up for Halloween until he is eight. He will only be a kid once so I really wanted to grant his Halloween wish. Based on my research, the costume seemed challenging but doable. Thankfully, Aki changed his mind. I was relieved when he decided that he wanted to be Ghostbuster instead.

As early as mid-September, we already started on the proton pack.  Continue reading “Halloween Post: Who you gonna call??!!!”

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Last Minute DIY Paleontologist Costume

Good morning!

I am back at work. It feels like I had been missing in action in the office for a year. Even the small things like how the printers work and where do we save files A and B, I need to relearn. While I would rather stay at home forever, no complains about going back to work. The 2-month medical leave that I took was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to rest and examine what really is important to me. Am very grateful for my teams, colleagues and boss who stepped up and helped each other while I was out. Last week, I prayed for God to remove the heaviness that I was feeling. As usual, He listened.


The downside, of course, is that I won’t have as much time to focus on the things that like to do like DIY projects and blogging.

Speaking of DIYs, one of the fun projects that I worked on last month was Aki’s costume for Liam’s When I Grow Up party.  It did not register to me until a few days before the party that we need to come up with a costume related to the theme.


Lucky me, Aki’s dream profession isn’t so complicated.  Continue reading “Last Minute DIY Paleontologist Costume”

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DIY 90’s Costume

The theme of Aki’s moving up day last March was Remember The 90’s.  GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

If you have been reading this blog, you know that I take DIY costumes seriously. I was initially eyeing an early 90’s hiphop look. Think Vanilla Ice or Prince of Bel-air. Franco even suggested we can make his pants out of black trash bags.
In the end, we decided to go with grunge.

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The Unappreciated DIY Viking Costume

Happy Halloween!

Hehe. Had I shared this entry 4 months ago, I would have started it with I am so excited to share blah blah but since we all know that this post is soo late, let me just say I hope someone finds this post helpful 8 months from now.

As early as summer last year, Aki kept bugging me about his Halloween costume. He had been watching How to Train Your Dragon. We have seen it for at least 20 times. I will complain once my eyeballs have fallen off from my eyesockets but for now, I can honestly say that I love this movie! And we are oh so excited for the release of HTTYD II this June. If you have not seen this movie, head to the nearest video store and get yourself a copy. Now! It is one of those rare movies that everyone in the family, regardless if you are 3 or 33, will enjoy.

And it is because of this movie that Aki wanted to be a dragon for Halloween. And not just any ordinary dragon, he wanted a 4-headed dragon costume! After much negotiations, we agreed to have a viking costume instead. Sometimes he looked at his viking costume with the same this-is-sooo-lame irritated expression that we see in teenagers. At some point, I wanted to make him a dragon katol (Franco’s idea not mine) to irritate him more.

My super excited viking..
Don’t move smile for Mummy….
Isn’t motherhood the most rewarding profession? He only stopped complaining when I told him that he’s hurting my feelings. Continue reading “The Unappreciated DIY Viking Costume”

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DIY Volcano Project

Look what I found…. an unpublished blog post. I am so proud of myself yesterday.I got to approve and reply to blog comments, plus stalk and greet some friends a happy new year. All thanks to Aki’s afternoon nap, his very first since the start of the holidays.


Here’s a quick guide on how to make your very own volcano. If you are planning to have a dinosaur party, you have to have an erupting volcano. Promise! I am not saying that this is an easy project but once you see the expression in the kids’ faces, you will feel that all the trouble is worth it. Plus, once you have a mini volcano of your own, you can have science experiments anytime.


You’d need a bottle. The bottle will dictate the height of your volcano. The opening should be big enough for another small container for your baking soda. For the mini container, I used a “puto” mold.


You would also need something for the base. We used a cardboard box cover.

Other materials to prepare: lots and lots of old newspaper, tape, glue and brush.

Step 1.  Use the strongest tape in the house to attach the bottle to your base.


Now, twist your newspaper and tape them around your bottle.


Once you are happy with the shape of your volcano, you can move on to the fun part – paper mache! Continue reading “DIY Volcano Project”

Aki's Dinosaur 4th Birthday

Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday: Homemade Volcano

This year, we spent countless hours and used bottles of vinegar making homemade volcanoes. For Aki’s dinosaur party, I wanted to bring the volcano project several pretty notches higher. With the help and guidance of my crafty sister-in-law Mae, we came up with this.



Aki and I showed the classmates how the volcano works.


As expected, we got their attention.


Everyone wanted to be the first to try making the volcano explode. Because it was Aki’s birthday, he got to choose which classmate goes next.

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Aki's Dinosaur 4th Birthday

Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday: Dino Stencil Shirts

Next activity in this dino party was making dino stencil shirts/sandos.

Prior the party, I made dino stencils usings sticker paper. Super thanks to Franco for making the templates and to my very crafty friend, Irene of Home-eco-nanay, for the tips! I put newspaper inside the shirts, transferred the stencils, and stretched the shirts using masking tape. Come party time, part of the excitement was letting the kids choose the shirt/dino that they will paint.



Teacher Joy, Teacher Tina and Teacher Me helped each kid  dip and dab and paint their chosen shirts.

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Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday: Simple Pop-up Dino Invitation

Morning! Here is the first of a series of posts related to Aki’s dinosaur 4th birthday partey! Aki has obsessed with dinosaurs since the start of the year. He has dino toys, dino books, dino clothes and other dino things. When he told me that he wants to have a dinosaur party, the creative juices just  flowed in. There are a lot of dino parties in the net but I still want our party to be different. Not the biggest, but the Aki-est party. I want the details and activities to be fun in the eyes of my son. The first DIY project was this simple pop-up dinosaur party invite. Cute eh?

Photo by CasLow Photography

I got the inspiration from Aki’s Tyson the Terrible book which has a surprise pop-up at the end of the story. I looked for pop-up invite 101 online but did not find any that was easy enough to do. I studied Aki’s book and tried to recreate.

Everything starts with the template. Thank God for husbands who can draw.

Now, the tricky part. I suggest you practice with scratch paper a couple times first. Once you have your dino or any cut-out, you need to make a y-fold. I invented that word, just so you know. Hehe

Make a vertical fold in the lower half. Then, add a diagonal fold. Make another diagonal fold to complete your Y.

Lastly, fully fold all the creases. Continue reading “Aki’s Dinosaur 4th Birthday: Simple Pop-up Dino Invitation”