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Before and After: Boring Wall

Because it was Mother’s Day, I got Franco to finally agree to let me convert this boring wall into a photo wall.


Normally, he does not want anything on our walls. He likes ’em plain and boring but since it was My Day, he could not say no to me. Hehe. Thanks, Bebekoy! Unfortunately, this project was put on hold because of some roadblocks in reproducing the prints that I want to display. Maybe next time. I am not sad at all because what I did instead is nicer.

Before we go there, here is how the bookshelves looked like some weeks ago.


Not bad but it hurts my eyes. It definitely looked better last January. My family has this bad habit of not putting things in their rightful place and then totally forgetting about them. I also realized that Aki’s top 100 children’s books should be on the lowest shelves. While arranging the books per color of the spine makes the shelves look organized, looking for a specific book is sometimes a challenge. Not good for someone like me who gets panic attacks when I realize that something is missing or when I feel like I need to find something pronto. What is wonderful with my shelves is that they are really flexible. They are light and are not attached to the wall. I can move and rearrange them. And that is what I did.

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Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Worm Puppets

This is my favorite project for Aki’s wiggly worm 3rd birthday school party.

Are these cute or are these cute?

I thought it would take me weeks to finish this project. The original plan was to sew eyes and mouths on velcro so the kids can change the faces of their puppets. Unearthing a pack of super glue when I was looking for needles was divine intervention. Interchangeable eyes and mouths? Who am I kidding? Knowing Aki, those little face parts would be gone in less than 15 minutes. After cutting my scrap felt cloths and deciding which cut outs would go together, I glued them to the socks. It was the trickiest part. I still have dried super glue in my nails until now. Continue reading “Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Worm Puppets”

Aki's Wiggly Worm 3rd Birthday · Arts and Crafts · Birthdays · Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Wiggly Worm D-I-Y Projects

Invites. I used old folders, fuzzy wires, and photobooth photo standees. Aki’s participation was handing me the fuzzy wires and drawing the borders.

Worm Friend. The cute toy worms were from Anding’s in Divi. They only cost 60 bucks per dozen. Thanks Faye for buying the second set.

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DIY Superhero Cape and Masks

Because of our wealth management 2012 goal, I am trying to work on craft projects that would not cost me anything. I am challenging myself to use materials from my craft stash and/or hidden treasures from my stockroom.

For this project, the only material needed is a red shirt. I got the idea from one of the birthdays featured in OhDeeDoh. When I saw that post two years ago, I told myself  I am gonna make one for Aki as soon as he starts showing interest in superheros.

Cut the front, leaving the neck line/ring intact. And you have a cape! I made a knot so the cape won’t fall off Aki’s shoulders.

Before I proceed, let me show you what Aki did to my phone while I was making his cape.

Using the sleeves, I made two masks.

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DIY Cardboard Bookcase

This is Aki’s forward-facing bookshelf. Isn’t it nice?

I read somewhere that these kinds of bookshelves encourage kids to read. So true! Aside from providing a lot of reading materials, we can encourage a love for books by making them accessible to our little ones. Kids choose which books to read by checking out the covers. If they only see a row of spines of books, it is not as enticing and exciting for them than when they go thru each cover.

I love this bookshelf but it can no longer hold all the books in our collection. Aside from the books in the picture above, we have a lot more scattered all over the house. Even the guest room slash Japanese room slash maid’s room slash toy bodega has children’s books. And another thing, since the bookshelf is light and is not attached to the wall, Aki can easily push it down. When Aki tries to get one of the books on the back, all the books end up on the floor! And so, this cute bookshelf was demoted to the first floor playroom. It now holds around 12 books only. I am happy to report that Aki started putting back his books after we transferred the bookshelf.  Nice!

For the other books, I made bookcases out of cardboard boxes.

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