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Aki’s Library and Study Area {Part I}

Almost weekend! Yey!

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Aki's Preschool Years · Arts and Crafts · Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki’s Library and Study Area

Now that Aki is in the big school, one of my top priorities is instilling good study habits. He has assignments almost everyday. He has quizzes at least 2 times a week. He needs to learn to set aside time for studying. This is easier said than done if you live in a house full of distractions. So, starting June, I slowly transformed his play area into a study area. If I were a kid, it would take more than will power to write my name 8x if my study table is surrounded with toys.  I moved all the play things near our sofa, semi hidden by the main door. Now, the corner under the stairs look like this Continue reading “Aki’s Library and Study Area”

Memoirs of a Mummy

The Wooden Family is Now Complete

These are our wedding cake toppers. I have had them many years before Franco proposed. I got them from a Palawan trade fair for less than a 100 bucks. When we decided to have a Filipino themed wedding,  I just knew that these cuties would make our cake much more interesting.


They are displayed in the house ever since we moved in. For 4 years,  I have been looking for a little wooden boy to complete our family. I am so glad we found Aki’s perfect wooden match when we went to Baguio.

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DIY Abstract Art

Our house needs a personality boost. I am getting bored with the look and feel of the house. The walls are bare. The pillow cases look sad. Aki’s playroom under the stairs is forever a mess. Unfortunately, having a curious toddler means thinking twice about putting any decoration.

This simple project aimed to give the walls a splash of colors. This activity was inspired by the tape painting that Aki did last December (which was inspired by Leslie’s blog) and by the abstract paintings in Doc Samonte’s clinic.

We needed

A large canvass – can’t remember the exact size but it was about as big as an illustration board
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Little wooden things that come with the canvass.
Masking Tape

First, I randomly put masking tape around the canvass. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of it.

Then, we assigned areas of the canvass to each family member. Because Aki kept on over-mixing the colors, he was given only a small corner to paint on. That did not stop him from trying to mess up the little abstract paintings that Franco and I did. Sorry, no pictures again while we were painting. The istambay daddy was topless because it was so hot.

When we were happy with our creation, we let the painting dry for a couple of hours.


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Mrs. Monologues

This Lazy and Thrifty Momma’s Lovely Curtains

It is been a while since I posted anything interior design related. If you see my house, you will agree with me that I have absolutely no right to talk about what is pretty and in in home decorating nowadays. In fact, sometime last August, I took “before” pictures, hoping those pictures will get me interested in sprucing up our living spaces. But no, to this day, I am nowhere near my ideal “after” look.

Today, I won’t showcase the mess that is my house but let me share what makes me gush everytime I see it. My lovely lovely curtains.

What color is this? Teal? My idea of teal is the teal in MS Excel. The color of my curtains are close and happier version of Microsoft’s version of teal. Greenish blue green? Tiffany green?

Oh well. I love how solid the color is from the outside. I love the contrast with the paint.What I don’t like are those distracting reflections of the cable wires.

From the inside, it is bright and sheer.

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AsiaCraft Warehouse Sale Finds

Who would think that these are actually for sale? According to Kuya Job, the caretaker of the Asiacraft showroom, they are moving back the production to the province. They can’t bring all their samples so many of the items are for sale or will be disposed. 

I have been a fan of Asiacraft since 2008. Being a staunch supporter of local crafts, Asiacraft won me over. I don’t know how to describe their style so I will just let the pictures do the talking.

Aki is crazy about anything that comes in three sizes. He thinks they are Dadeh, Mameh and Aki. So these Dadeh, Mameh and Aki Christmas trees will grace the entrace of our house come November.

PhP 225 for a set of three

Manang got this cross. She will donate it to their barangay chapel.I love distressed finishes. They look so shabby chic.


And this metal trash can would be a nice addition to our green and brown bathroom downstairs. (PhP 50)

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Books as Decors

Got this idea from one of my first Real Living Magazine.

I like how just looking at this table, gives our guests an idea of what our interests are. It was an easy and cost free mino makeover project for the side table. The only challenge is keeping those tiny sticky hands off the Japanese dolls.

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Aki’s 2nd Playroom

We decided to keep the slide inside the house. The weather will wear it out easily if we leave it in the garden. Since there is a slide inside the house, I decided to define the play area.

view from the left

This area is where the TV for the living room is supposed to be. Hubby wants to put a TV there for the longest time but I keep on resisting. If we put a TV there, I am sure  there will be big changes on how we do things in the house. Most likely our play time will be lessened because we will all be glued to the screen. Less rolling and running and more sitting and sitting.  Without a TV in the living room, we have no choice but to play, play and play. If Franco wants to watch TV, he has to go to our room, turn on the TV and adjust the old school antenna. We are not getting cable TV until a few years from now. 

Anywhoot, back to the 2nd play room. What I love about it aside from the gender neutral splash of colors, is the fact that every major piece has a frugal story behind it.

We go the slide from a Japanese thrift shop for only PhP 1700 (or was it PhP 1500?).

The sunflowers are leftover fiesta decors. They were about to be thrown in the trash when Franco had a lightbulb moment and took them home.

The large foam mats are on loan from hubby. He uses them whenever we have friends over for Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

I made these pom poms..

and decorated the toy box. At first there was no box for his toys. I thought I’d put one so we can teach him about packing away. Well, unfortunately, no luck so far in making him clean up. Continue reading “Aki’s 2nd Playroom”

Mrs. Monologues

Local love!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I love going to trade fairs and my house looks like a mini trade show.

Sharing some of the local accents that can be found around our house..

Christmas Tree Chair– You saw this first in this blog post . The chair is in our living room and serves as my personal library.

Painting by Imelda Cajipe Endaya – We are blessed to have an artist in the family. Tita Meps, an award winning painter and installation artist, gave us this painting for our wedding. We call it Techno Macopa.

Altar – A cross made of twigs and a rosary from Puka Beach. This rosary, we used during our wedding. Both rosary and cross sit on top of our wedding Bible which sits on top of a skinny wooden bar stool. Our altar is at the end of our stairs to remind us to whisper a short prayer before we eat breakfast in the morning, and after dinner on our way to our bedroom. Btw, the stool, the cross and the Xmas tree chair are all from AsiaCraft which happens to have a showroom just outside our village.

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Aki's Green Baptism · Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki’s Baptism: Decor and Giveaway/Gifts

Date: Feb 27, 2010

Time: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Motif : Green

Theme: Frugalicious/Pagtitipid

Decors were the least of my priorities. I was happy with the ambiance at Guilly’s but felt I needed simple centerpieces to add a party feel to our event.
Of all the balloon suppliers I inquired with, only Jojo of Mr Balloonatix had rates that matched my eensy winsy budget. Come baptism day, I was surprised that he used metallic balloons. Our mommy and lola guests were happy to take home the  centerpieces.
I highly recommend Mr Balloonatix to busy budget-concious mommies who like suppliers who quickly reply to email and SMS.
For the gifts for the godparents, I wanted something that  1)  is color green, 2) would not be just another dust-collector 3) is within my budget and 4) would remind them of being responsible for a precious life.  These uber cute cactus plants perfectly meet all four criteria.
Since I was working on a Frugalicous theme, I initially wanted to DIY the giveaways. I had my eyes set on making towel lollipops. however, after computing the total cost and factoring in the effort needed, I decided to give up the DIY idea. 

Come reception, the cactus plants were a hit! I just wish I ordered more of the bigger cactus plants  for the great grandmothers.
April, my supplier, is very accommodating, courteous and replies fast. Although I never got to talk or meet her in person, I can sense the passion she has for her plants based on the SMS exchanges that we had.
I always reply  when I receive requests for copies of the poems. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven’t heard from me. Look for the MaquiFranky sender