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How to Childproof your Electric Fan with just 25 Bucks

Just head to a fabric store, ask for the cheapest tulle, get a yard, wrap the cloth around your fan and secure using a sipit. Voila! You have just childproof-ed our electric fan. In the Los Banos wet market, tulle sells for as low as 25 bucks. Here in Manila, I have seen tulles sell for as much as 200 pesos. Well, that was in Shangri-la Mall. So, it is best to shop around so you can get the best deals. It does not matter if the tulle is rough or heavy. What is important is that those precious little fingers won’t be able to get near the blades.

P.S. You may have noticed that my recent posts are short. I have a lot of text-and-photo heavy drafts in my head but those have to wait because I have an internal target of 25 posts a month, that I need to reach by tomorrow. 🙂

P.S.S. I dedicate this very late post to my mommy friends, Maggie, Marsy, Khaye and Sha  who have one year olds. Good luck!

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Aki Versus the Christmas Tree

This is not the year, not the year when we’d pour hot chocolate on our Christmas mugs, play Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas album, turn on the Chrismas lights, sit back and enjoy and admire our Christmas tree.

I have always wanted a magazine-feature-worthy Christmas tree. One that is filled with ornaments that tell a story. When we look back many years from now at the pictures of our Christmas decors this year, the story will be short and simple, in December 2010, we had a toddler and he ruled the house.

This is how the Christmas tree corner looks like..


The Christmas book nook was not spared either


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Childproofing 101

At 14 months, Akira is driving us all crazy.

He likes to open cabinets. Here you see him checking out our plates.


He likes reaching for things on top of tables and countertops. In this picture, he is trying to reach his bottles.


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