Healthier Hashbrowns At Your Fingertips

Do you love hashbrowns? I do! I do! I do!
If only they were available for 24 hours and if only they don’t cost as much as they do, I would probably be munching on hashbrowns every blessed day.

A not so-close second to my top favorite potato list are french fries.I can eat them even if I am already full. I think the combination of salt and starch makes me crave them even if I know that fries aren’t the healthiest food in the world.

Good news to potato lovers like me. I just discovered a healthier version of hashbrowns. I am sooo getting a Noble Prize for this. You get the crispy-creamy combination but only using a tablespoon of butter instead of several cups of oil. My heart hearts me so! Whereas hashbrowns cost 25 pesos in fast food chains, I only spent 35 pesosesoses (cost of half a kilo of potato as of today), for 10 hashbrowns. But wait there is more. Lastly, no need to beat the 10AM cut-off for breakfast meals, because you can make hashbrowns anytime at the comfort of your own kitchen. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please sit down.

Oh wait, this standing ovation that I am picturing in my head is making me feel guilty. To be 100% honest, the original  idea is not actually mine. A reader of Cook’s Illustrated shared in the Quick Tips section of the magazine that she knows someone who makes hashbrown using a secret kitchen appliance, the waffle maker. Yup! I looked for recipes online but the ones that I found were too complicated. I don’t have time to dry my grated potatoes nor am I willing to go out to buy several seasonings.

Without further ado….. here is my waffle hashbrown recipe…

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Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Hello! Love is truly in the air. Unfortunately for me, in our house, aside from love, we also have virus in the air. My poor little valentine has been vommiting since yesterday. I am taking a leave today so I can look after him. This is one of those days when I wish we’d win the Lotto so I don’t need to work.

Anyhoot, before he wakes up, let me post our Valentine  creations last Saturday.

Here is my take on the egg-in-a-hole recipe that I read in Yummy a few years back. 

Well, there are a lot of things that could go wrong:
1. Your favorite brand of whole wheat bread is out of stock for two days.
2. Your bread is too small or your cookie cutter is too big. I just made a heart using a knife.
3. Your egg is too big for the hole, making egg whites spill over.
4. The egg yolk breaks
5. The bread is burnt but the egg is not yet thoroughly cooked.

After several attempts, here is our early valentine day breakfast.

To make hearts out of ketchup, just make two dots and use a toothpick, in my case, I used the tip of Aki’s new paintbrush, to draw the pointed end.

Now for the hearts that I cut from the bread using the cookie cutter ( I was not able to use the hole-d bread because the sides were too thin), I had a simple painting activity for Aki using water and  food color. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Breakfast”