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Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

One of the family traditions that I hold dear is the annual birthday picture taking that we do for Aki. Unlike some kids, Aki does not pose for the camera. His one-two-three-say-cheese smile looks forced… which actually is the case. Hehe. So why do we continue this tradition? Because I said so. Seriously, the boys can’t wait to go about their businesses and are very vocal that they hate being stopped just for pictures. It also does not help that I, being slightly perfectionist, take a lot of their time because we can’t move one until we have that perfect shot, right? Sorry, Aki but one day, I know you will thank me.

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The Morning My Son Turned 5

About a month ago, my little  bunny turned five years old! Can you believe it?!

I am very much aware that in a few short years, he is going to mature and change. I see it my in nephews and nieces. Rocky at 8 years old, does not want to  wear Halloween costumes anymore.  Jyl, our preteen, is not as excited as she used to be about sleeping over in our house. Don’t get me wrong. I love my pamangkins. They are the sweetest nicest rowdiest kids ever. But I do miss the days when they were so easy to please and they were game for anything. So, while Aki is still at that magical stage, I want to make sure that we make as many beautiful memories as we can.

One of the family traditions that I hold dear is the little ceremony that we have on the morning of his birthday. On this day, I wake up early to set-up, around 4AM.  First, I take out the birthday crown from our keepsake box and prepare the birthday cupcake. This year, instead of a cupcake, we used a colorful jelly that I made. Continue reading “The Morning My Son Turned 5”

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The Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

Hello you!

If you have been reading this online diary long enough, you probably already know that I am obsessed with family traditons. I like the idea of doing the same thing over and over until simple acts become treasured family memories. One of our birthday traditions is taking Aki’s annual birthday photos.

By the stairs

It took at least 20 attempts to get this shot.

Silhouette shots



As you can see, Aki was not very cooperative. Here, he was running away from me.

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The Morning He Turned 3

Even if we were without a helper, Aki’s birthday celebration this year is relatively less stressful compared to last year’s. Maybe because I have already mapped out the traditions, I kinda already knew what to do. I pictured how that morning would be. Wake up at 5AM to get cupcake and candles and make the birthday web. Wait for Aki to wake up. Once he starts rolling, wake up the hubby and light the candles. Sing happy birthday and lead birthday boy to his gift.Let him open his first gift and eat his cupcake. Go downstairs and ask him to draw.  Before 8AM, ask neighbor’s helper to look after Aki while we get cake from Red Ribbon, give worm balloons to Party Tools, buy Jollibee breakfast, meet Kitkat for the cupcakes and go home. At home, picture taking with photog while waiting for pasta and drinks to arrive. At 10 AM, load stuff and at 10:30, go to school.

I thought it would be so hectic because there were so many people to meet. The morning was not as stressful as I expected. Thank you, Lowrd!

Oh, the birthday celebration actually started the night before when Aki and I looked at our old photos. The plan to print pictures and make a birthday scrapbook is, uhhm, still just a plan.

Where oh where did my baby go…

Web and gift, check!

Aki woke up before six. He was crankier than the Grinch. He was in no mood to blow any candles. After drinking milk, he went back to sleep.

Fifteen minutes later, he woke up and was his jolly not-so-old self.

After two rounds of birthday songs, he was ready to rip the web..

and open his gift. This time we have a proper gift, not like last year when all I had prepared for him was a banana.

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The Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

is easier said than done! Read more about it here.

First, getting Aki to stay still for the camera is impossible. And two, when there are a lot of errands for the day,busy moms will forget all the poses.  I think we will be sticking to these three. They are the easiest to remember and recreate.


At the top of the stairs

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My Funny Bunny is Three!

My little funny bunny,

Today, you turn three. Congratulations to you and to me for getting past the terrible two’s. In the last 12 months, we have seen you grow into your own person. Let me tell you. You are funny like your daddy. You have such great PR skills like your LoloTay. And you got your persistence and curiosity from me.

It is difficult to summarize who you have become because that means summarizing almost 300 blog entries. The reason why I wake up at 4:30 or 5AM everyday and aim to have 25 posts every month is for us to have something to look back at. I hope when you are old enough to read, you will enjoy reading my blog posts. As you will read, you inspire us every single day. You inspire us to save, to be healthy, to be more patient, to be more creative, to be more accepting, to work smarter, to be silly, to cherish the small things. Thank you, my little love, for inspiring us.

Some interesting things about you lately

“Hello, Emily. I am Deynen”
Jayden is Red Power Ranger’s real name

– You want to have a little baby sister and you want to call her Emily, after Yellow Power Ranger
– You can’t get over the fact that your classmate Lucas deliberately spilled your juice. You keep telling me how you want to jujitsu, wrestle and judo him. Thank God you have not done any of those. Son, I hope you would not be so unforgiving like me.

– Every morning, you open my cabinet and get the box of Irish Spring soap. You love smelling that soap, you silly silly boy. You even made a song. It goes like this

soap soap soap
i love soap
soap soap soap
i love you soap
soap-y soap
braaagh braaagh braaaagh
di en
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Our Family Birthday Traditions

Before my momnesia gets worse, let me list down the birthday traditions that we started this year. 
1. Reminisce the past birthday celebrations. On the eve of Aki’s birthday, we looked at his baby and first birthday pictures. This year, I only had an album and a DVD of pictures to show him. I am planning to start a birthday scrapbook where pictures of celebration highlights and annual birthday tradition activities will be posted.
2. The birthday crown. Of the many DIY’s I did this year, this is my favorite. It was easy to make. My son loves it. And most of all, this will surely be part of family for many year to come.
3. The birthday cupcake ceremony in bed
4. Spider web and the first gift
. Promise, next year, I will give him a real proper gift.
5. Mass and birthday blessing from the priest
6. The date in Jollibee afterwards
7. Lots and lots of attention and bonding moments throughout the day.
Here is my hubby serenading our birthday boy who was serenading him back. Franco and I filed a leave so we can spend the whole day with the love of our life. If only Aki’s birthday does ot fall on the exam/hell week of the second quarter/first semester, it would be fine by me if he does not go to school on his birthday.

8. Annual drawing

9. Marking of his height. This one  proved  to be more difficult than expected. I got different heights in all three times that I attempted to this. Based on the tallest height that I got, he will grow up to be 5’10 and half.
10. Annual standard photo.
11. The birthday love letter.  I hate writing by hand but because I love Aki, I am going to personally write my love letters on pretty stationery. This will also be included in the birthday scrapbook.
12. Birthday interview. Aki talks a lot now but he is not yet conversational. I limited the questions to simple ones which he can easily answer.  Aki, one plus one? Two  times one?  Two minus zero? How old are you?!!  Nowadays, it is so easy to make a video and share it with friends. I can’t imagine how video taking and sharing would get better in the coming years. When Aki gets older, we will ask him more complicated questions like, what is your favorite food?  Or what do you plan to achieve in the next couple of months?

13. Handmade birthday cards.  This was an out of the blue idea. I only got to bully ask  officemates. Hopefully next year, I can get family and friends ( including online friends like you!) to make cards for my boy.  Although Aki did not seem to mind when I was reading the messages to him a day after his birthday, he truly enjoyed inspecting each one of the cards. His favorite was the car shaped card that my boss made. I got teary eyed reading the messages because I again realized how loved my boy is.


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The Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

The idea is simple. The birthday kid has his picture taken in the same place or doing the same thing every year. I did not expect it would be that difficult but it was. It really was. Until now, I don’t know which set-up will we carry on annually. Maybe we will try to replicate all shots until Aki becomes cooperative.

These are what we tried

Back-to-back picture with Dadeh —>Fail

Back against the grills  —> Major Fail

Wearing Dadeh’s Wedding Barong —> Major Fail but I really think this is cute.  The expression on his face gives the picture a story.

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Aki’s Action-Packed Birthday Celebration

Photo-heavy post ahead!

After the cupcake ceremony in bed, we continued to celebrate Aki’s birthday. One word that immediately comes to mind is Action-packed! I had some traditions in mind to close the day but even before we reached home, both Aki and I were already pooped tired and asleep in our daddy’s van.

So what did we do?

We went to church just like what we did last year. Unlike last year though when Aki sat on our laps quietly, this year, Aki kept shouting, in an ascending volume ” dede, Dede, DEDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. He refused to stay inside the church and kept dragging our hand to the koi fish pond.  After the mass, we went to a room behind the altar and asked the priest to bless our birthday boy.

After mass, again like last year, we went straight to Aki’s favorite restaurant, Jollibee! He ate his spaghetti with gusto and devoured his sundae as if there is no tomorrow.

enjoying the last drops of his strawberry sundae

By the time we were done eating, it was already  4:30PM. Aki was sleepy but I begged him to stay awake for a few minutes because we have another surprise for him. Continue reading “Aki’s Action-Packed Birthday Celebration”

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Aki’s Birthday Celebration in Bed

I am sucker for traditions, routines and rituals. For Aki’s second birthday, I was determined to incorporate as many traditions as I can. One of the traditions we started this year is the birthday greeting in bed.

While our birthday boy was sleeping,  I prepared the materials for our simple surprise.

The crown, party hats,  noise makes,  foam animals turned confetti,

and of course, a birthday cupcake!

As soon as Aki opened his eyes, we put on our party hats, lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday! He was still half -asleep when we started singing. I might have thought his parents were rude for singing loudly when he still wanted to catch some zzzz’s. His face lit up though as soon as he realized that there was a candle for him to blow. I think we sang at least 4 happy birthday songs because he kept requesting for one more blow.

Before heading for the door where another surprise was waiting, we had to have a family super hug and a family super kiss.

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