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DIY Bird Feeder

This project is a spin-off from our save-the-caterpillars advocacy. Since the birds can’t seem to get enough of our caterpillar pets, I thought of giving the birds something else to eat. This isn’t our first time to make a bird feeder. Earlier this year, we made one for Aki’s class. As usual, I forgot to read the memo so we had to rush the project. We ended up with a Manila-paper covered bird feeder decorated with Aki’s doodles. I forgot about that failed project until I read about a similar project in one of my vintage craft books.

It is pretty simple actually. Cut a hole in an empty tetra pack. Wash and dry.


Once the bird feeder is clean, you can now decorate. We started painting it using a paint brush but Aki was so excited (and kuleeeet) that we ended up finger painting instead.


Originally, I wanted the bird feeder to look like a house but Aki had a better idea. We came up with monsters. Once the paint dried, we hang our scary bird feeder in the gate and waited for the birds to come.


This is Aki’s best impression of a one-eyed monster. Hihi


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The Birds of Lost Eden

The bird were so many and so interesting, I think they deserve a separate post.

A huge pelican! It was probably at least 4 feet tall!What bird is this?!
They look like they came out of a painting!


What bird is this?!

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