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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies



100 grams chocolate chips
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup cocoa
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 stick butter, room tempeerature
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar plus more for rolling

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The Joy of Making Carrot Cupcakes

Oh what fun it was!

We made carrot cupcakes to celebrate Aki’s new interest in carrots. When he was younger, he would not touch his food if he saw a speck of any orange or green vegetables. Dear God heard my prayers and transformed my boy into a hearty eater. I really don’t know what happened last month. He suddenly started eating a lot and became open to trying out foods he used to hate.

I thought of making the baking activity more educational by using our weighing scale. Aki weighed the grated carrots first.


Then the sugar..


I took care of the flour while Ate melted the butter.  The next ingredients were the eggs. Since it was Aki’s first time to crack eggs, I told Ate to assist him while I take pictures. To our surprise, which was very evident in Ate’s reaction, my boy was a pro. Before Ate could get close, he tapped the egg on the edge of the bowl and cracked it open. Good job, bebeboy! And please don’t hate me Ate for posting this picture.


Aki was very much involved in the next steps. So involved that maybe at least half  a cup of our delicious carrot batter ended up in his stomach. Here, I am already pouring the batter into the muffin pan and he still won’t give up without a fight. He kept grabbing my hand and redirecting the spoon to his mouth.


After that difficult task, I transferred the pan to the oven. When I came back, this is what I saw


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Nutella Cookies

One of our first-day-of-school traditions is baking cookies for Aki and his classmates. Since we had a Nutella jar that was about to expire, I made Nutella cookies. While my cookies were a hit, I was quite disappointed because unlike the other cookies that I baked, my Nutella cookies did not give the kitchen a freshly baked aroma. More than bringing the cookies to school, what I really want is for Aki to remember, everytime he smells something freshly baked,  how his mom would wake up early every first day of school to bake cookies.
I made 2 batches of these cookies. The first batch came out very pretty and nicely cracked. Too bad, I was so busy that I was not able to take photos. This is a picture of the cookie from the second batch. I just wanted to finish all the hazelnut choco spread. I added flour and eggs without meticulously measuring the ingredients first. The cookies were yummy but not as pretty as the ones from the first batch. Continue reading “Nutella Cookies”

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My 2013 Brazo De Mercedes

Last year, one of the highlights of our Easter break was my very first Brazo De Mercedes. My thousands of suitors during my younger years would attest to my love for this cake. I can eat half of roll in sitting. I love the softness of the meringue and the gooey-ness of the filling. This cake is not hard to make but it is a challenge to perfect. My attempt last year resulted into a flat but yummy cake. This year’s cake was not Goldilocks’ store-worthy but taste-wise, and my husband agrees, it was really good!

Because I don’t have a baker’s comb or a proper icing spatula, the meringue was “bumpy”.


I kinda overcooked the meringue which resulted in a crunchy crusty layer. That did not help improve the presentation but the overbaking added an interesting texture to the cake


But hey, don’t judge a cake by its cover. My 2013 brazo cake was a big hit in my anti-sweets family. I thought only Aki, Jyl and I would enjoy this but everyone dug in.


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Hello, Cupcake!

My very thoughtful sister-in-law gave me this fabulous book for my birthday last month. I have been trying to avoid baking sweet treats lately but this Hello, Cupcake book got me feeling inspired to make cupcakes this Christmas break.


The cupcakes featured look so good that I probably won’t eat them. What is so cool about these little cupcakes is that the bakers made use of ordinary candies found in the grocery.


Ready… Get Set…. Drool!

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My Very First Homemade Brazo de Mercedes

My 5-day long weekend was mostly spent lying in my mom’s sofa. Unlike last year, this year’s Holy Week was all about being lazy. Well, not exactly 100% lazy because, in between commercials, I was able to squeeze in three projects. All of which by the way, are semi fail. Hahaha!

The first project was potty training Aki. My main contribution was packing all of Aki’s shorts and briefs. Ate Durina did most of the work ( wiping the floor and washing Aki).  There was no actual training. We just let Aki roam free without a diaper during the day to make him more aware of his ihi and poopsie. I excitedly await the day when we no longer need to buy diapers.

The second project was a cookbook of our favorite dishes. I will blog about this once I am done, hopefully in the next two week. I am 32.356367% done as of April 26.

And my last project was baking my very first Brazo De Mercedes. Brazo is my all-time favorite cake! I can eat it everyday every meal.

I got the recipe from my sister’s Goldilocks cookbook. This book is  a  bit expensive so do what my sister did. Tell your favorite sister that it is the only thing you want  for Christmas. I will fill in the blanks after my sister lets me borrow her book again

For the white part, you will need

7 egg whites

___ tablespoon cornstarch

___cup confectioner’s sugar

___ tablespoon cream of tartar

Preheat the oven at ___ degrees. Using a mixer, beat the egg whites, cream of tartar and cornstarch on low speed. Increase the speed to medium and gradually add the sugar. You can stop once you see the soft peaks, around 4 minutes. Transfer the meringue to an oiled and lined baking sheet. Use a knife or spatula to evenly spread the meringue.  Bake for ____ minutes.

Make the filling while waiting for the meringue to be cooked. These are the ingredients for the filling

5 egg yolks

___ evaporated milk

___ condensed milk

___tablespoon butter

Put  all of  the ingredients in a pan and heat.  Mix until you achieve a spreadable consistency. Set aside.

Once the meringue is cooked, transfer to a sugar-dusted cheese cloth.Make sure that the white side is up.  Spread the filling on one side and fold or roll. Spread more filling and fold again. And you are done!

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Baking Playdate with Maia

I have been wanting to post our super fun playdate with Faye and Maia but I just don’t know where to start! I have over 100 pictures and even more little snippets to share.

Faye and I have a lot in common. First, we are both member of the online N@wie community. We both grew up in the province and studied in UP. We’re both commuters. If you read her blog, you see that we somewhat share same practices in our parenting style. We try to sneak more veggies. We love homemade toys. We both aren’t mall rats. Our kids are both born in the month of October. Maia is a year older. We both want our kids to experience the old school childhood we had.  But the most exciting similarity for me, is that we both used to be Washington girls before getting married. What is even more exciting is that her apartment was just across the street! We probably rode the same jeep or ate in the same carinderia at some point. How I wish I met her then.

Anyhoot, about the playdate. Please do check her blog because she was able to share more of the step-by-step process of making and decorating cupcakes. Faye blogged about our baking playdate here

Before Faye and Maia arrived, I already prepared our ingredients. I did not want to stress myself so I just used instant cake mix and instant icing care of Tita Betty. Faye brought Nips and marshmallows.

It was Aki’s first time to eat Nips. He fell in love with them instantly. At first, he could not be bothered to help in the mixing because he was too busy enjoying his Nips.

How cute are Aki’s chef’s hat and Maia’s owl apron?

Once the batter was well mixed, we then placed cupcake liners on the muffin pans. The kids thought of putting Nips first before putting scoopfuls of the chocolate batter. Aki left the table as soon as he was done with his share. He was just to excited to finish his Nips.

Alin, alin alin ang naiba? Humanap ng kung alin ang .. naiba!


After the baked cupcakes  cooled, then came the most exciting part, decorating! My funny little baker, after decorating each cupcake, removed the plastic toys to lick the icing and then put them back again.

These are the pretty and yummy cupcakes of the afternoon. Maia decorated the 6 cupcakes on the right side. Aki did the left side except for the top left one which was my masterpiece. Hehe.

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