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A Letter from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Oh me! Oh my! I am so so happy!

Remember the letter and drawing that we sent to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society back in May? We received a reply! Continue reading “A Letter from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society”

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Whale Hero

Instead of our daily A-Z and Franco-Akira-Helio-Endaya-x4 writing exercises, Aki wrote a letter.



Aki had always had a soft spot for endangered animals. It was no surprise when he was deeply affected after we read the My Friend Whale book.

Here is the letter that Aki wrote


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1001 Things To Do

Fly Fly Green Butterfly


I am so happy to share that we have discovered new butterflies in our garden.

Missed our posts on our save-the-caterpillars project last year? Click here to back read.

Technically, the new butterflies/caterpillars are not in our garden because the host plant , the acapulco is right in the border of our property and that of our neighbor. The neighbors do not seem to care about the plant so I am claiming it to be ours. Manang Lydia said in Samar, acapulco is considered a weed but I think it is to pretty to chop down.


After diligent observation for about 2 months, we now have a better understanding of the life cycle. I still have yet to find out what kind of butterfly this is so Bostjan, if you are reading this, feel free to jump in and share your expertise with us again.

Remember this Vet for A Day post? Aki nurtured an injured butterfly back to health. It was the first time for us to see a green butterfly in our garden. We never saw one again until late last year. While opening the gate, I saw a green butterfly in labor. I know how a butterfly in labor looks like because I have seen a lot of other butterflies lay eggs in our calamansi plant. They flap their wings faster. They don’t care if your face is 2 inches away which is unusual because normal butterflies will fly away as soon as they sense that you are coming. The eggs come out of the tail.

My dear one playing with his new pets.


He even came up with a caterpillar race for them similar to the one he made for the chubby pets from last year.
Let’s look at the life cycle, shall we?
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1001 Things To Do

Mystery Solved

Remember those chubby mysterious caterpillars that I blogged about here?
The mystery is now solved thanks to Bostjan who left this very informative comment all the way from Berlin

Speaking of comments, I have over a hundred comments that I have yet to approve, post and reply to. Apologies for the delay! Please know that each one of them is greatly appreciated.

Anyhoo, back to my chubby caterpillars. So they don’t turn into butterflies. Instead they become this gorgeous oleander hawk moth. Continue reading “Mystery Solved”

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Animal Hero

Aki was asking about a picture he saw in his shark book.

Me: Aki, some people kill sharks, get the skins and make shark skin bags. Some people also kill turtles and make turtle soup.

Aki (thinking for a second or two) Mummy, some bad people kill horses and (points to a toy in his playroom) make dead rocking horse! I (will) tell them to stop and give (them) to the police!

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Those Mysterious Chubby Pets

Family and friends, I would like to introduce you to our new mysterious pest pets

Isn’t it cute?

I discovered three of them inside a garbage bag. Being nosy does have its advantages.

Aki and I immediately fell in love with them. They are much cuter than the usual caterpillars that we have in the garden.

We did not want them to get bored so Aki made an obstacle course.

Later, he also made a “farm” but I was not able to take a picture of it.

Aki probably sensed that the chubby cuties were getting tired. We transferred them to the calamansi plant, home of the original caterpillar pets. We made sure that those evil birds don’t get to eat our babies so we covered the plant. OA?? I know! That’s me!

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Vet for a Day

Last weekend, Aki accidentally hurt a butterfly. I know it was an accident because he was only trying to show it the way out of our house. I told Aki that to show that he is really sorry, he needs to be a veterinary for a day. I asked him what sick animals need. He said they need food. I remembered from our trip to Lost Eden that butterflies like watermelon slices which we had in the ref.

We placed the injured butterfly on top of the watermelon cube and watched it feed. Aki sang for the butterfly and played sleepy music.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki meets the Azkals

Speaking of football, Aki met the Azkalz last December when we visited Lola Maring, Franco’s paternal grandmother. It has been a family tradition to visit Lola Maring every 24th of December.

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The highlight of the visit was Aki’s new friends.  I just love the curious expression on Aki’s face when he sees something interesting for the first time.