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Want to know my secret shoe store?


Do you want to know a secret?

There is this secret shoe store that I have discovered. The number of flats in my then very-questionable  shoe collection went from two to about 13 in my last count, because of this place. While I am very serious about my ang-pagdadalaga-ni-maqui-endaya project, cost is still  an important consideration. Whenever I have to buy something, I feel a lump in my throat if the price tag says PhP 300 or more. Imagine my joy when I discovered this store…. Continue reading “Want to know my secret shoe store?”

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Happiness for Me. Slow Death for Hubby

My newest addiction: lipstick shopping . This is not so me but I am surely enjoying every moment I spend in the beauty section of department stores.

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Mid-Year Organizing Resolutions

After 6 months of on-off spring cleaning, we are finally having our much awaited garage sale this weekend. I can’t wait to find new owners for our excess blessings. We are also visiting an orphanage next month. I hope the 13 kids with ages 2-10 will love Aki’s old toys. If you have preloved blankets, school bags, toys or anything you want to share, just drop me a note in the comment box. I’d be more than willing to meet up with you to get the items. Or maybe we can go to the orphanage together:) Do I sense a playdate? Paging my fellow playdate organizers Maggie and Sha

Anyhoo, today I’d like to share that I have implemented 3 systems to  manage the clutter and stress in our house. These are my mid-year OC resolutions which I may or may not continue. Haha

First, I tackled the bills bills bills. Don’t you just hate them? Because we didn’t have a filing system before, I had to deal with 2 paper bags full of  statements of account, some dating back to 2011.  I read somewhere that for bills, we just have to keep them for one year. I sorted the bills based on date. Those issued more than a year ago were burned. Sorry, Mother Nature. This will be the one and only time that  we will choose protection from identity theft over you. Promise. Next time, we maybe will buy a shredder.

Anyways, I sorted the bills per institution. I then sorted each pile chronologically. The idea is that every time we add a new bill to the pile, we have to get rid of the oldest bill which is at the bottom. Also, we put all the sorted bills in an open box beside our closet, where it can haunt us everyday.


Then I tackled my overwhelming reading materials. Many times have I seen a recipe that calls for a special ingredient. Once I have that special ingredient, I will put in my pantry shelf where it will rest in peace until months after its expiration date when I rediscover it again. Or sometimes, I do get to use 5 tablespoons of hoisin sauce in that Chinese dish that I wanted to try but whatever happened to the rest of the bottle, I will never know.

So here is what I did. I collected all the magazines and cookbooks that I want to read or reread.When I see a recipe that I want to try, I take a picture of it. After reading the magazine, I mark it with a black dot to remind me that I am done with that magazine. As for the pictures, they will be organized per type in a folder in my laptop with the help of an Excel file or Google document……. someday. Haha. Seriously, the file was not as easy as I thought. I use a camera to take pictures which means I need to transfer the picture from the SD card to the laptop. Then, I need to sort pictures into the recipe folders and update the file. If there are other things that you want to do, a special recipe file is the last thing you want. And based on experience, the more complicated a system is, the more likely that it will not be followed.  Hopefully, my new phone (Thanks, Globe!) which I should get anytime soon, comes with features that will help me organize pictures.

Lastly, it was my ever cluttered bags turn for an OC fix. I got this tip from Sieggy. I grouped the usual contents to two groups. The bigger pouch has my wallet, office ID, keys, eco bag, foldable fan, feminine pads and alcohol. The smaller leather pouch, which I got from The Soshal Network (Thank you TSN!), has my make up arsenal.Whenever I need to change bags, I just transfer my pouches. Why didn’t I think of this before???



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Kikay Godmothers

After the personal make-up workshop care of The Soshal Network, I immediately contacted the beauty experts – Sha and Maggie. The workshop taught me the steps and the types of beauty products. Now, I just needed to know which brands and shades suit me. I had no doubt that Sha and Maggie are the best make up shopping buddies. After all, Sha’s blog is named KikayMommySha. And Maggie, my fellow Bicutan mommy, makes me look like her yaya whenever we sit beside each other in the shuttle because she always looks polished.

My kikaygodmothers in action






Their extensive knowledge in make up did not surprise me at all. What surprised me is that the brands that they recommended were all reasonably priced. If I did not get the eye gel,  the total cost would be less than 1K. I thought I would be alloting 1K for each item.

These are the items that I really planned on buying,


Eye cream. I chose that of Pond’s because theirs seem to be the easiest to apply. The other brand requires using a cotton bud for each application.

Thanks to the Kikay Godmothers, I discovered BYS. I am really loving their blush. Continue reading “Kikay Godmothers”

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Personal Make-Up Workshop c/o The Soshal Network

Sometimes, I feel like the universe really conspires to make my wishes come true. Last March, I was one of the 5  lucky readers of The Soshal Network who won a slot in Crazy Beautiful, a personal make-up workshop. Normally, because of work commitments, I can’t attend workshops on weekdays but lady luck was on my side last March 20. I was on leave because of Aki’s Moving Up Day. Yey!


I arrived at Wedding Connections, a one-stop wedding shop, 30 minutes before the call time. Jill of Kikay Exchange and the TSN ladies, immediately made me feel at home. I brought all the make up that I have, which I soon learned were all, except for the BB cream from Maggie, already expired. haha

One of these days, I will share my notes. Basically, here are the quick steps to personal everyday make-up
1. Clean your face
2. Moisturizer
3. Use BB cream or foundation that is the same shade as your neck
4. Put concealer to hide dark spots
5. Blush.
6. Lipstick
7. Eyeshadow and eyebrows

I asked Ivy Ross, our facilitator  if she recommends putting make up before or after the commute in the morning. She said it is better to put on the make up before leaving the house. The make up will act as protection for the skin against the elements.

There is so much I learned from this workshop. I will definitely share them ………… soon as I find my notes.

It felt like Mother’s Day because surprises were never-ending. As if the pretty venue and the free workshop were not enough, the generous organizers prepared a yummy dinner. Drinks were c/o  Spiritloo.

After dinner was the photo shoot by the very talented Michelle Pineda.
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2013 Vanity Project: MCS and St. Francis Shopping Finds

For little trinkets for my home, my happy place is Uniwide. For new clothes for my 2013 anti-loshang slash vanity project, my new go to places are St Francis Square and this ukay-ukay (second hand) store in Makati Cinema Square.

When I was fresh out of college, going to ukay ukay stores excited me. That was until someone told me that if the original owner died horrendously, the new owner will get nightmares. Because I am silly when it comes to superstitions and scared of nightmares, I put an end to my thrift shopping spree. Just last month, my interest in treasure hunting  came back. Aki was supposed to wear a black jacket for his 60’s theme Moving Up ceremony in school. Last December, because I did not read the memo carefully, Aki wore a blue top when everyone in his class wore green for the Christmas presentation. I want to redeem myself this time by making sure he’ll look 60’s-ish. I went to as many ukay stores to look for a leather jacket. I did not find one but I found 5 skirts for my vanity project. Yey! Part of my to do list for the vanity project is to wear a skirt at least once a month. I looked everywhere for skirts but the ones I see are either too girly, too frilly or too bold for me. Thanks to this ukay store in MCS, I got 5 skirts in one trip.

3page 1page

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My Poor Husband

I read somewhere that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. I think there is some truth to that. If you surround yourself with people who always complain, you will get more negative. Last year, the 5 people I spent most of my time with were 1) Marge, my seatmate 2) Rosie 3) Aki 4) Ate Dorina and 5) Franco. In terms of fashionability, I was indeed the average of them. Margie, I’d say is a 10/10. She has nice clothes and wears make up all the time. When I sat beside her for the first time, I thought I was with Maui Taylor. Rosie is an average. Maybe, she’d be around 6.  She is not fashion conscious but she is always presentable. Then, there is Aki. What can I say about his fashion sense? He is still a baby. He does not care what he wears. Let’s give him a 0/10, shall we? Ate Dorina, although she does not earn not much, makes regular trips to the ukay ukay. Maybe she is around a 2. As for my Franco, he is the un-vain-est person I know. He’s a negative 3 in the fashionablility scale. I actually like that. One of the first reasons why I fell in love in him was that he does not really care that much what others people think of him. To my husband, functionality comes first before aesthethics. I really like his confidence but I hope he’d be more conscious.

Example number one

Until I discovered it, this was the lunch box that he was using. He has been approached several times because his officemates thought he was giving away ham.


We had a petty fight because he wanted to go to work wearing his favorite shoes.


Packaging tape has many uses. Aside from packing and holding old beaten up shoes together, it can also be used to hide scratches in your car.


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My Vanity Project

Last year was all about money money money. Our New Year’s resolution of wealth management kept us busy for the first months of 2012. I am proud of what we have accomplished and of how we are aligned on how we plan to accomplish our financial goals. On those days when I had to drag myself out of bed to go to work, I remind myself that if I don’t have a job, I might be dependent on my children when I grow old. Before Franco and I got serious about money, we were on the opposite ends of the pole when it comes to investing. Now, I can say, we know what we want and know how to get there. I highly recommend Efren Cruz to anyone looking for an independent financial consultant.

Anyhoo, when I make resolutions, I try to accomplish them ASAP. As the months pass, I get distracted and less commited so I want to make and implement the changes that I want right away. This year will be all about vanity. I don’t plan to be a fashionista over night. I just want to look a little more presentable . I want to care about my looks. I want to step out of the house and feel giddy because I like how I look that day. I have too many clothes that are ill fitting and not enough shoes and bags. I used to love shopping. That was until I became a mom. Family comes first of course. Who has time for shopping if you have a tantrum to tame? As a working mom, I always felt guilty about spending time in window shopping. I felt like I always have to rush home because I am not spending enough time with Aki. Why buy clothes when there is so much more important things that the family needs? Well, this year, I hope to change all that. I am more comfortable spending Friday nights in St Francis Square. Besides, I owe iit to myself to spend my hard earned money on myself.  I also made a recent change in my schedule. I go to work earlier now and am extra conscious of how I make use of the time in the office. The goal is to get home while the sun is still there. From Monday to Wednesday, I try to be home before 6PM. Those days are for Aki. On Thursday, I try to finish everything. That is my mega OT day. Fridays are for Franco and myself. This is the day when we have dinner together or maybe do some shopping.

Back to the vanity project. Here is what I have done so far

– Buy a full length mirror. We only had 1 mirror in the house and it was in the 1st floor bathroom. Having a mirror forces me to have a good look at myself before leaving the house.

Top from St Francis (PhP100), Shorts from St Francis (PhP150), Necklace from a friend
Top from St Francis (PhP100), Shorts from St Francis (PhP150), Necklace from a friend

– Start using BB cream. Mega special thanks to Maggie!

– Start using a facial wash regularly. Thanks to Maggie again for the reco!
– Buy two pairs of denim pants in Herbench. While the  skinniy jeans that I bought from Cash and Carry look good, they are not comfortable. I had not been to a Bench store for years so I was surprised to find out that their pants were reasonably priced. I used to get intimidated by the idea of buying pants from mall stores because I had this notion that denim pants cost at least 2000 bucks. Hahaha. I am really happy with my new pants and plan to buy more.
– New shoes. For the longest time, I would only wear one pair of shoes until it gives up on me.
– Have my ears repierced c/o Dra. Saulog. I love my new rubic serconia earrings. I can’t wait to buy more earrings.
– Get a new haircut.
– Accessorize. I am clueless but I am trying. I still need help on this department. What kind of necklace go with V-necks? What is the rule in mixing and matching bracelets? What are the basics? Any accesorizing 101 out there? How do you organize your accessories?   Thank you to my mother in law and to Ms DD for the necklaces!
– Got new pants, shorts and tops from St Francis. I’m such a fan of that mall! I will blog about my shopping finds one of these days.
– Buy a new bag. I got a brand new Nine West bag for one 1200 bucks from an online garage sale. Thank you, Nikki! Is there a Bag 101 guide out there? How many everyday bags does a girl need?  And is there an easy way to transfer the contents? What is stopping me from interchanging bags is that I find it such a hassle to transfer the contents from one bag to another? Continue reading “My Vanity Project”