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Dita Sandico Ong Birthday Sale

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Dita Sandico Ong will be holding her annual birthday sale this weekend, May 22 and 23. Dita is known for her colorful wraps which were perfect for my 2008 Pink Filipiniana wedding.
When she turned 49 last 2008, all the items in her shop, were on 49th % off. How cool is that?! Her birthsay sale saved tons of money. We did not just buy wraps for our entourage. I also got my bridal bag, a funky summer hat which is now with my tita, and not just one but two wraps for myself.
And I am happy to report that one of my ento was able to wear her DSO wrap again, for a Filipiniana-themed office party.
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Adobo Week Starts Today

It’s already Sunday and Jane is still not here.

Sadly, my mom, Ate Che her helper, and my niece Jyl, already went home to Elbi. Before they left, I had a quick trip to Benjie’s, Better Living’s neighborhood talipapa to buy 1.5 kilo of pork strips. Ate Che turned them into adobo and stored them in small microwavable containers so we just need to heat one up when we get hungry.


The adobo week started at 5:30 when Aki woke up and decided to gigil pinch his daddy’s nose and suck his mummy’s knee. Franky indulged in his new fave hobby, drowning our newly landscaped garden using his new garden hose sprayer with 8 settings. Because I was busy preparing our breakfast, including Aki’s boiled squash, and Aki was being his fussy self, my favorite gardener had no choice but to wear Aki using my sling.

By 10.30, we were done eating, washing the dishes and Aki’s bottle, feeding and bathing the baby, sweeping and mopping the floor.  When you have a baby who always wants to have a good view of what you are doing else be fussy, it’s difficult to multitask. We , actually I, had to let go of the small to-do’s like cleaning the stove top and  wiping the kitchen sink dry.

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Musings of Madam-wannabee

Missing my Mojo

It is been  more than a month since I last won in a contest.

It is been a while since I last pumped my fist into the air, did my kontrabida laugh and danced my happy dance.

Hay! What is wrong with me?!

Fine, I am being OA. There are still a lot of things that I am thankful for. But I really miss the sudden rush of endorphins that I get from winning contests. Some people like feeling the wind against their face when they ride a motorcycle or the heat from the spotlight when they strut their stuff on the runway. I get that feeling whenever I received a  congratulatory email.

From December to Feb I have won the following:

Gadget Bag from ManilaMommy

Kerastase Shampoo from Hair In Manila

Bebe Chic Diaper Bag from Chubby Cheeks Baby

EcoPan Saute Pan from Yummy

And can I just say I hate chu Hizon’s for not posting the winner of your free kiddie party promo! You make me feel like an ex-girlfriend who  keep on trying to move on but can’t because there was no closure. 😛