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Our 2012 Family Goal: Wealth Management

That is my fancy term for save more, spend less and investly wisely. Doesn’t  “wealth management” sound more motivating? Every time I pass by MiniStop and get tempted to buy another cheesecake ice cream, I silently say “wealth management” to myself and then walk away. Same case when were eating out last Saturday. Simply saying “wealth management” made that  all-meat pizza seem less appetizing.

Here are our specific steps to  get closer to our 2012 goal.

1.  Review our Finances. We made the following files
– Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth
– Summary of Constant and Variable Cash Flow
– Mutual Fund and UITF performance trackers

2. Organize our financial documents.  Should something happen to one of us (knock on wood!), this expandable folder will make it easier for the bereaved spouse to move on.

3. Go back to budgetting. I am proud to say that Franco and I are very good at staying on budget.

4. Learn more about financial planning
– Read books – check! I highly recommend these two books.

– Subscribe to financial planning blogs. I did not just put them on my favorites. I subscribed to the blogs via email so I won’t miss a post.
–  Attend a seminar. This is still a question mark. I think we know the basics already. What we need would be guidance on how to invest.  Enter specific step # 5. Continue reading “Our 2012 Family Goal: Wealth Management”

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Gifts for Aki: It’s all about the money!

As I mentioned before, Aki already has a looooooot of toys. His playroom is filled with so many play things that he gets overwhelmed and hyper, jumping from one toy to another.
So for Christmas, we decided not to give him any toys since he’d surely get a lot anyway. What we gave him were instead money and money saving habits. Franco and I are the biggest cheapskates. We try to live, not within our means, but below our means.  Our hope is for Aki to grow up like us who try to save as much as we can and spend only on what really matters.
Gift # 1: Sputnik aka Niki Endaya, Aki’s first piggy bank. Remember Mong-ki? He is the first coin bank but since he is too cute and kinda fuzzy, we decided to display him on the playroom, beside cute little Baby Glorie. Everytime I come home from work, I give Aki a couple of coins for him to feed Niki. After every successful coin drop, we give him a round of applause. It is almost automatic for him to clap after hearing the clanking of the coins inside.
Gift # 2: Crisp New Old Bills. As many of you may have already heard, Bangko Sentral already printed the first batches of our new brightly colored bills. Slowly, they will phase out the bills that we grew up getting from our godparents every Christmas. Since I am a sucker for memorabilia, we kept a hundred, a fifty and a twenty peso bills for Aki’s future reference. For a minute,I contemplated if I should also save a 500 and a thousand peso bills. But then again, 1500 is 1500. Spending that much on a memorabilia would be against what we are trying to teach. Aki’s 170 peso aguinaldo are now safely kept in his keepsake box.
Gift # 3: His first bank account. This gift is kinda late. We got it only last week because Christmas was hectic and we were yaya-less. We chose Metrobank because one, the nearest branch is right outside our village. And two, Metrobank Fun Saver’s Club offers the most perks compared to other kiddie bank accounts.
These are the perks
    – PhP 50,000 Educational Trust Fund should something happen to me.
    – Personal Accident Insurance  amounting to twice the daily average balance of account.
    – a welcome gift which was an insulated lunch bag.
    – a membership card which will allow me to avail discounts from their partners.
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A November to Remember

Can you believe December is a few days a way?

Thankgiving is not celebrated here in the Philippines but until a few weeks ago, me and my office seatmate Rosie decided to make thanksgiving a weekly habit. Rosie and I bond over fun questions. Questions as silly and shallow as “if you were an office supply, what would you be?” to deep and reflective ones like “If you can ask God just one questions, what would it be?” . Lately, we decided to regularly ask each either what are the things from the previous week that we are grateful for.

Here are the things that I am thankful for and excited about this month:

– The much awaited trip to Dapital Arcade. I’ve been wanting to go there ever since I heard about the place in 2002. On my birthday last last Friday, I took a leave and went to Divi with my BFF Bingky. One of these days, I will blog about my DA loot, one of which are Marth Stewart plates worth 50 bucks per piece.
– I started my herb and veggie garden! I now have 2 kinds of basil, mint, dill, coriander, lots of oregano, chilli, ginger and spring onion.
– Childproofing, check! Finally! I bought stuff to make our home safer for the little tornado even before we moved in last April. I’ve been wanting to put the stuff but kept on forgetting. Thank God for long weekends!
– Manang Lydia. She’s the perfect all around kasambahay and yaya. She used to work as a janitor which explains why our house is spic and span. We stopped getting the services of gardeners because she maintains our garden. Because of her we get to eat homemade palitao and bananaque! And now, I know how to remove the stains because of stickers.
– I used our oven for the first time and am proud to announce that my first baking escapade was a success!
– My themed plate collection. Now am excited to hold more themed parties in the house.
– Speaking of parties, the queen bee themed farewell party I organized for our ex-senior manager, was also a success.
– My wallet was snatched a few days before my birthday. I hope those snatchers were pissed when they only found a hundred peso bill. After a week, I got a call from a good soul who found my wallet!
– We won in the lotto! Yehey! We got 3 of the  6 winning numbers and won 150 pesos!
– I am in love…. with Sharon at Home magazines! I want to try all the recipes and projects. If you know where can I find back issues, let me know, ok?
– This time of the year, less people are resigning. Which means, as an HR recruiter, less work for me. Yey! I also have a new role in the company and am really excited.
– Our hardworking, dependable daddy, got promoted! Good job, bebe!
– Our blue and red Christmas decors and the Christmas traditions that I want to start.
– Aki’s Jollibee stuff toyS. I was only planning on buying the Jollibee toy but since the other characters are just as cute, I got all 5 for Aki. They were supposed to be our Christmas gift but we could not wait until December 25 to see Aki’s excited reaction so we gave our gift early.
– Aki’s baby tricks. When we say, UNO DOS TRES then at QUATRO, he’d put his hands on his head with matching bedimpled smile. What is interesting is that nobody thought him this. He learned this after watching his favorite Vaseline commercial.
– Aki’s baby signs. If he wants something, he’d get your hand and put it on where he wants you to do something. It is great that he can now communicate if he wants to wear a particular pair of shoes  or open the ref, which by the way, he can now open by himself.

Life is good!

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Enter October

If my September was bull$h!+, October is all about being bullish.  October was the most anticipated month last year because of Akira’s arrival. This year is no different. Well, let me take that back. October is still the most esxciting month of the year but  this year’s October is worlds away and different from last year’s. For one, my waistline and boobs are smaller now. Last year, I had piercing pain in my lower back. Now, it is my arms’ turn to be painful. Carrying a 20++ pound baby for a few minutes is like working out. Last year, I was trying to imagine a little face who has Franco’s eyes and hair and my nose and lips. Now, that little face sleeps beside me (sometimes on top of me).

One of these days, I will blog about :

– my latest investment: an elliptical bike!

– our new househelp/yaya: Manang Lydia! Love love love her.

– my birthday party preps. We found a perfect venue and booked it last May. Last Sept 20, 27 days before Aki’s birthday party, the perfect freakin’ venue cancelled our reservation. What da what da what da F! 

– a collection that I am starting for Aki: Palanca award winning children’s books.

– Security project phase 1: check! We now have new doors and grills for our windows.

– my newest discovery: cheaper diapers from online shops. From 15 pesos a piece, we are now using diapers that only cost 7 pesos. 

 – more locally made, all natural baby products that we are now using

– our big fight against that bad bad dengue mosquito bite

– Aki’s first studio photoshoot. I was fun and it was F-R-E-E!!

– I won in the lotto! seriously, I did. Not a lot of money but winning is winining and I love winning anything.

So many things that I am thankful for, I wish I have the time to blog.

By the way, big thanks and cyber hugs to those who have been visiting my blogs. I have been getting almost the same number of hits everyday even if I was MIA for 2 week.

Am ending this post with this picture of Aki last week:

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I love/hate you, Globe!


The most responsible customer ever is my husband Franco. That is why he is the overall in charge when it comes to our bills. Even if he just came from night shift or still needs to catch up some zzzzzzzzs, he’d stay up a little later or wake up earlier than usual just to pay. And he pays, way ahead and most of the time more than billed amount.

So, I imagine his face when the customer care representative from Globe informed him that he will not be able to make calls and send messages until he has paid his dues. Now,  imagine my shock when my husband told me that Globe’s charging him a freaking 17K. What da F! Franco’s bill never reaches 600 pesos and now it suddenly jumps to17 grand. Namen!

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May-August Winnings

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If this blog makes you think, my life revolves around two men, you are so right. Now that I leave in Paranaque, I choose my gimiks really well. Or I turn them down. The last shuttle leaving for Bicutan from Ayala departs at 11PM. And it takes the longer route. I need to be at the terminal before 9PM if I want the 20 minute route. It also does not help that my husband works on night shifts. If I go home late, it will just be Jane and Aki at home, watching Agua Bendita.  Inasmuch as I love and trust Jane, knowing that my baby is left with only his yaya at night while I am out with friends or at work, kills me.

To keep the work-family-life balance, I maintain this blog and join contests. As I mentioned in my last contest update, I upped the ante for the month of June because of mother’s day ( winners are usually announced after one month). From my standard goal of one winning per month, I aimed for two.

May was a loser month because I did not win anything. Booo!

June as targetted, I won two items. A CK One Summer perfume from Topaz Horizon FB and a PhP1200 worth of GC’s from FabNaima. Since I don’t use perfume, hubby is now the proud owner of the the CK prize. Against my wishes, he uses it now as his everyday perfume. He insists that he only use Eternity on special occassions. Since we are on a weird set up and I dont get to tie his tie every night, I let him wear and smell whatever he wants. The GC’s, I am reserving for Aki’s back up birthday outfit. Thank you, Frances and Jenny! More power to your blogs!

July turned out to be better than I expected. I won GC’s from tooooooooot and super yummy popcorn tubs from Yummy.Ph . Sorry I can disclose the company that gave me the GC’s. I am planning to use the GC’s as prize to the kiddie guest who will come in the cutest costume. The popcorns are super yummy. I shared one tub with my officemates and we all could not get enough. The flavor is Southern French Herbs something but to me, it takes like my prep baon Hapi House crackers in pizza flavor. Thank you tooooooot and!

August is also a lucky month. With ten months to go before the month ends, I already have two prizes under my belt. Both are GC’s. Again I can’t disclose the generous sponsors because the GC’s will be awarded to special guests on Aki’s party.

I am crossing my fingers that Smart Parenting finds my contest entry to their stroller promo most deserving. Of all the contests that I joined lately, that has one prize that I absolutely need.

My favorites mommy blogs have ongoing giveaways. Yey!

ManilaMommy is giving away a super cute diaper bag.

Mummy’s Reviews is giving away a  reuseable swim diapers

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I Heart Waltermart!

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Because I  stained my dress, a pair of  shorts, our bed sheets, ever dependable hubby agreed to an impromptu grocery at Waltermart Makati. When I was still a single working girl, I stayed in a rented apartment in Washington, which is just a short 5 minute jeepney ride away from Walter.

The very first item I bought were these green liquid hand wash refill at Watson’s. I have been looking for an affordable  handwash for about a month now. I bought ours for about 70 bucks, liquid, bottle and pump included, at SM. SM refill retails at 60 bucks. Unacceptable! Watson’s buy-one-for-69-get-the-second-pack-for-one-peso promo was perfect for my wallet!

Then we went to the waltermart grocery to buy myself some modess packs, and our favorite cheesy franks from Mother’s Best. Cross my heart, swear to die. Their cheesy franks really are really one of the juiciest, cheesiest and yummiest hotdogs in the whole wide Makati. There was also an ongoing promo for ground pork and beef. For just 99 per kilo, who can resist?! In our neighborhood talipapa here in Better Living, ground pork sells for 160 per kg.

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Meet Mong-ki

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… Aki’s baby bwatha  and the latest addition to Familia Kiki. I’ve been on a search for Aki’s very first piggy bank and I just could not be happier that what we found was monkey (when I was a kid, i was teased Maqui Monkey) ! I bought Mong-ki for a  just 75 pesos at the 7th Agraryo Trade Fair last Saturday.

I miss going to trade fairs! Even before nationalism became cool these past couple of years, I was (and still am) already  a big supporter of locally made products especially if they are made by SME’s. I’d always drag Franco to Megatrade to check out the latest fairs. And when my favorites,  Bicol and Region3 trade fairs are in town, I’d leave work early and troop to Megamall to catch the first day. I think my house looks like a mini trade fair. Hehe

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Livin’ La Vida Elbi

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Just a few of the many reasons why we love going home to Los Banos (this post is one month delayed)

  • My mom’s mismatched sheets
  • The best siomai ever! For 3 pieces for only 14 bucks, san ka pa?!
  • Free prophylaxis c/o my dentist mummy
  • Early morning jogging and breakfast at the UPLB grounds
  • Fertility Tree
  • Ate jyl’s new smile
  • Kuya Rock’s mother’s day shirt
  • Aki’s mother’s day bib
  • Aki’s Popeye face trick!! Continue reading “Livin’ La Vida Elbi”