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Buntis Diary: Week 35

Week 35July 11-17
Current Weight – 173 lbs (estimate)
As Aki always says, OH YEAH!

Most twins are born between weeks 35-36. So yup, anytime now! 
I am extra careful now coz as I have said, anytime now! I intentionally did not go to PatientFirst to check my weight. I wanted to but walking from G1 to G3 will surely stress my puffy feet. Stress could lead to contraction and contraction leads to labor. I don’t want to give birth inside a mall alone! Hehe
Btw I am still going to work. The Philippine standard 2-month maternity leave is not enough for one new baby. How much more with two!? Unless doc tells me that I need to be on bedrest, I plan to continue to report for work. Not easy but I would rather be miserable at work than waste my precious maternity leave credits.
I met with my doula friend, Velvet. 
Hopefully, she will be by my bedside during labor and delivery. 
We talked about a lot of things. My birth wishes. Breastfeeding. Preparing for birth and post partum care. After our discussion, I had a list of questions for my OB. 

Velvet also suggested that I bring lots and lots of bath towels. She said that towels are much better than breastfeeding pillows. How so? I don’t know. We will find out soon. 
Special shout out to my bosses, MJY and DDM! Today, I received news about a very special work related blessing. Thank you! 
Another reason why I go to the office despite the discomforts, despite the fact that I can always work from home, are my bosses and my team. The work and dedication they put in day in and day out makes me feel that anything less than my 101% is injustice. 
Thank you again, MJY, DDM, my SG&A, my PBJF and my Comp teams! 
Still on the topic of work.
I have been asked one of the nicest questions ever.

I was walking towards the rest room, both hands on my waist. My back was slightly slanted backwards to balance my weight. I paused for a moment to catch my breath.  
Suddenly, someone was calling, “Miss Jamie! Miss Jamie!”. It was Ella. She asked, “Miss Jamie, pwede kita ipag-pray?”. I am still teary eyed as I type this. 
Before I went home, with my dorm-mate turned officemate and soon to be Ninang to one of the twins, Josica, Ella and I, had a solemn moment in one of our vacant meeting rooms. I always pray that God keeps us safe and healthy. Ella prayed for that any many other things like financial blessing, strength to overcome challenges, God’s plan and many more. 
Ella, thank you so much. And to everyone who prayed and are still praying for us, may God bless you! We will include you in our prayers too. 

 I am bad at taking selfies but for this week, which could be my last week as a working expecting mommy, I tried to take more preggy pictures. 

For the last couple of weeks, I have been asking our facilities team on when will the La-z-boy chairs be returned to our breast feeding rooms. My pangungulit worked! 
I am proud to share pictures of our mother’s room in Glorietta. 

Special thanks to my cousin, cousin-in-law, niece and aunt for the pamana clothes, shoes and baby paraphernalia!! We are so blessed! 
Now that I am so so close to the finish line, I am extra sensitive to any discomfort in the belly area. 

Is the tightness because of the weight of the belly? Or maybe it is because the kids are pushing their back and bums against me? O wait, I think I just need to pee? No, no, I am hungry. Hold on, how can I be hungry. I just ate. I think it is hyperacidity. It can’t be contractions, right?

When I met with Velvet, she touched my belly and confirmed that I am feeling contractions. The uterus is practicing for the D-day and that is a good thing.

One last Fri-date with Franco before we become a family of 5. Had dinner in Dad’s. He posted this photo in Facebook. Originally, we did not want to announce the pregnancy in social media and just surprise everyone when the twins are out. Oh well, to date, this is our most liked photo. 

Since I was having a hard time walking, Franco was the one who went to the buffet table to get me food. My request was to have the cheesiest dishes available. As there was no more space in my tummy, I had to settle with 2 platefuls. Normally, whenever I eat buffet style, I goal to have at least 3-4 plates plus dessert. The food was great as always. Dad’s never disappoints. It is was the walk to the parking area that was terrible. My belly was hurting so bad. I really thought I’d be giving birth in a few hours. Pain went away as soon as I was comfortably seated in my recliner. Kakai, my prenatal masseuse, arrived soon. This was our 4th session. Before I knew it was already in zzzzzz land. 
Saturday Morning
Another item off my buntis bucket list: Bring Aki to his pedia. 

It’s been almost 2 years since Aki has seen Doc Vienne Saulog. Is this your first time to hear about her? Go find the search field of this blog and type Saulog. We adore her!
We were surprised when Doc asked us if we had our twins thru in-vitro fertilization. Throughout this pregnancy, I think we have only been asked twice or thrice. And the questions were more like ,”You did not do anything special to conceive twins, right?”. Apparently, a number of twins nowadays were conceived via IVF. Doc said we are extremely lucky to be naturally blessed with two since a lot of young couples are finding it difficult to conceive bec of lifestyle and work. 
One more takeaway from our meeting with Doc Vienne. Vaccines go as high as 4.5K per shot. Ouch! Make that double ouch because we are having two babies! 
From now on, if someone asks me what items do I need, I will automatically answer, “Pneumonia and 6-in-1 vaccines, please!”
Saturday Afternoon: 
Had another check up with our OB. I was expecting that she’d say that my cervix is starting to dilate. But no, it is still closed. Which is not a bad thing. I know I complain all the time that I am big, heavy and miserable but I do pray that we make it to our 37th week. Looks like we will. Yey! Doc said I should avoid physical stress, sitting, standing and walking for long periods. I was advised to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. 
Doc reviewed our test results and gave the go signal to try vaginal birth. Yey! So yes, unless one of the twins turn and change positions from now until labor, we will aim for normal delivery. I would really appreciate if you can say a short prayer for me and the babies.  
We got our second unexpected question for the day. Doc asked us if we are considering ligation. That was a tough one. Definitely, three is the max number of babies that I want for now. But who knows, if we win big time in the lottery, I might consider having more kids. 
What are your thoughts on ligation? Is there a reversible way?

Oh look look!

 My edema has gotten better. My feet last Monday was so chubby it had it is own bilbil. 
According to Ate Doring, the next (third) time for my feet to get manas is the sign that I am about to give birth. 

We have been taking family pictures more often. It might be Aki’s last pic as an only child. 

Til my next update! 

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Buntis Diary: Week 31

Week 31
Check out our new table!
Current Weight: 162.75 lbs

I lost weight for the first time in many weeks


Comments I usually get now

Ako ang nahihirapan para sayo. 

Di ka na yata dapat pumapasok? 

Parang hirap na hirap ka?

And the most irritating: Mabigat?

I have been waking up in the middle of the night. That is not unusual. I am used to waking up to pee. What is unusual is that I can’t go back to sleep. Since there is nothing to do, I get my phone and browse. Before I know it, I have been up for 1-1.5 hours. And then I get sleepy again. Surprisingly, I don’t feel sluggish when I wake up in the morning. Maybe this is my body’s way of preparing me for the twins’ night time feeding.


My favorite moment of the day is when Aki and I are sitting in the recliner, talking about school and work. I hope we never lose this can-talk-about-anything-and-every-thing-under-the-sun closeness. 

Aki had a rough day the other day. He thinks he was bullied by an older kid in the school bus. His frenemy, Samuel sided with the older kid. I personally think it was not bullying but Aki was really affected. Here is an excerpt of our cute discussion.


Oh my sciatic nerve! I get this sharp shooting pains in my lower back. Every little move makes me say Aw! Aw! Aw! 

One of the things I want to do before going on maternity leave is to meet my different sets of friends. Today, Friday, I am missing a get together with my HR friends bec of this sciatic nerve. Next week, I will miss my college dorm friends semi reunion in UP bec of our OB check up. 
Our conversation topic of the week is purchasing a new vehicle. To say that we are financially unprepared for this twin pregnancy is not totally true but it is also not 100% false. We have our financial targets for every year. We have been saving up for another child and for our retirement. Mega thanks to our financial adviser, Efren Cruz. But 2 kids at the same time?! These little big blessings are unexpected and unplanned for since we do not have twins in both our families. We were not foreseeing getting a 2nd vehicle in the next couple of years. Here we are now, and it looks like we need to get one ASAP. We love our 20 year old van. It is spacious and comfortable. Unfortunately until lately, it’s become unreliable. 
When Franco gives me updates on his car search, the prices that he mentions get me nervous. 
For now, since I know nothing about cars and I am not interested anyway, all I can do is pray about it. I pray that we make the right decision. I pray that we will always be safe. Two things that these twin pregnancy have been teaching us:

1.) God always provides.

2.) God’s plan is bigger and better than ours. I will try not to think and worry about this big financial move too much and let God’s plan unfold on its own. 

These bunny babies are so sweet and responsive. When I place my palm on my tummy, I can expect that one of them will move and answer with a high five, flying kick or a little nudge. I don’t know how they know it is me. They always respond to me but when I ask someone else to touch my belly and feel their movements, suddenly they stop squirming. 



One more item off my to-do list: Organize the bigger clothes. So last week, we fixed the 0-3 clothes. This week, I sorted all the 3-18 month clothes that we have. When Aki was little, he outgrew a lot of this clothes even before he could wear them. I have learned from experience that the sizes indicated in tags of baby clothes are not reliable. Some of our 3 month onesies are bigger than our 6-9 month ones. Here is what I did. First I grouped the clothes per category: boy onesies, girl onesies, pambahay onesies, dresses, polo, shirts, shorts, pants, frog suits. Then per category I arranged them based on size after physically comparing each item. Once clothes are organized smallest to biggest, I clipped them. 

When all categories had been tackled, we placed them in my plastic baul.


Happiest Father’s Day to the man who cuts my toenails because I can’t reach them! Thank you for always looking after us. We love you so so so! 




The struggle to move is real. Thanks to the added weight, my sciatic nerve plus my puffy and painful legs. The most comfortable position for me is lying down in recliner chair. To give up this comfortable position, I must have a very very important reason. 

Every night I have an internal debate with myself. 

I need to pee. Do I do it now or hold it for a few more minutes?
I am so cold but is it cold enough for me to get up? 
I want a sandwich but I also just want to lie down forever. 
PS, if you are pregnant, I highly recommend getting a recliner. Got ours from Mandaue Foam. 


Look what I downloaded for the twinsipops! An app of different white noises. The book that I am reading, Happiest Baby on the Block recommends shushing to calm fussy babies. 


My friend Faye dropped by and gave me organic and plump mangoes and bananas! Thanks, Faye!