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Life is Good…2014 Q3 Recap Part III

Part I

Part II

Am most thankful for the time I get to spend with my boys.

Our staycation in Edsa Shangrila.


Ever since Franco decided to get into boxing, he has more time for us and has been more hands on when it comes to helping Aki review. Continue reading “Life is Good…2014 Q3 Recap Part III”

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Of Heaven and Stronger Family Connections


As I have shared in my recent post, I have been thinking about heaven lately. Just imagine my joy when I scored free tickets to the Heaven is For Real movie courtesy of  PLDT Home DSL.

The movie which was adapted from a book is about 4 year-old Colton’s near-death experience. While he was in the operating room, he went to heaven. In heaven, he sat on Jesus’ lap. He asked the angels to sing We Will Rock You. He met his older sister who died in their mum’s tummy. At this point, I could no longer stop my eyes from crying. A lot of the questions in my head were answered thru this movie. Thank you, PLDT Home DSL for the tickets and to Erlaine for the referral. 🙂 Continue reading “Of Heaven and Stronger Family Connections”