About Maqui

Hello there!

My name is Maqui and I am from Manila, Philippines. Welcome to the online diary of  our thrifty, boring, old-school family. If you are looking for information on the latest in food, fashion, and travel, you have come to wrong place.

Thank you for visiting my secret blog.  As of July 2012, this is still a secret because only a handful of my friends and family know about this online diary’s existence. Here you will find my favorite recipes, a lot of typographical errors, the latest antics of my not so little Akira, missing articles and punctuations, my latest garden projects, activities that I like to do with Aki, my search for the perfect yaya, our path towards financial freedom, Booksale finds, gift wrapping ideas, family field trips, mispelled words, our treasured collections, parenting woes, arts and crafts prjects, our family traditions, party planning adventures (my favorite so far is the Letter A party), shopping discoveries, things I like to do for my Franky, family photoshoots, my obsessive-compulsive tendencies and a lot of grammatical errors.

In case you want to know why I blog, you will find the post here. That’s one of my favorite posts ever so I do hope you would take time to read it.

In case you are wondering why the blog is named Familia Kiki, that is because our names (Maqui, Franky, Aki, our past pets and favorite toys, and our next baby) all end with qui, ki, kee, kie or ky.

In case your wondering why the url is madammisismummy, that is because my favorite topics are about motherhood, wifely-hood and money.

Thanks again for dropping by.

– maqui


20 thoughts on “About Maqui

  1. Hi ma’am! Just wanted to let you know how I stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with it. I was googling the UP university Hotel and your blog turned in (I’m planning to stay in the hotel during the LSAT for UP Law) Your pictures are beautiful (esp. the ones in UP) and you have a way with words when you’re describing a place or talking about your family. The enthusiasm is contagious and I can see how you really love to write 🙂 Your family must be so lucky! If I became a mom, I want to be like you 🙂 Keep up the good work and God bless to you and your family. ~ Nica

    1. Awwwww! thanks. i hope the UP University Hotel helped.
      To be honest, i don’t love writing and I don’t think I am a good writer. i just blog to document.

      And good luck on your exam, Nica!!!

  2. I was just hopping from one blog to another and chanced upon yours. The first few paragraphs were quite familiar especially when it mentioned something about Aki. I had to kick myself and said that I KNOW YOUUU! 🙂 Naku marse, tinatago tago mo pa, I devoured all your entries because it just felt real, it FEELS real, you’re stories are REAL. Our sons are almost the same age, Aki is 3 right? While my Santori is 4 now. Oh how time flies. It’s Josh, hope you don’t have amnesia and still remembers me hahaa and I’m on your facebook friends, Anna and Aldo’s (Studio 2716) are great friends of mine as well.

    I’m now a new fan of yours, I promise I won’t spill out your secret about this blog. 🙂 You’re a super star!

  3. Hello Maqui. I read your post about Raising A Bilingual Kid . Somehow. it is similar to one of my posts, my experiences and tips on how to be fluent with the English language.

        1. hahaha. sige naaaaa kwento na yan! I wish I could say, ok lang saming followers ng love life mo na okay lang na overview lang. pero hindi talaga, i want to know the juicy details. hehehehe

  4. Hi!

    i really can’t put everything into words, but i’d like to thank you for dropping by my page. honestly, when i saw the name “maqui” in the comments section of my blog, i had a hunch that it’s you but also thought that its impossible coz you wont even visit my blog. hahaa. but when i checked this out, ayun.. ikaw pala. hehe. wala na ko masabi.

    im glad you included this url in your comment para i can visit from time to time. who knows baka magamit ko na ang tips dito on motherhood. hahaha. 🙂

    ps: ang cute ng baby mo. 🙂

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