Memoirs of a Mummy

Advanced Baby Sign Language

This is Aki’s famous mouse-y mouse-y baby trick. Not really a baby sign but it is too cute not to share. Plus I don’t have a lot of  new pictures of Aki signing in action. His current favorite is Oh, men!. It  is a light tap with immediate bounce on his forehead. It means “Ooops”. He… Continue reading Advanced Baby Sign Language

Memoirs of a Mummy

Baby Sign Language

Last month, Aki started showing keen interest on toothbrushing. Whenever we brushed our teeth, he would come close, ask to be carried and watch us carefully. Then just one day, Aki went near the sink and started rubbing the back of his hand against his lips. Alas! Aki’s first sign! I took that sign as a… Continue reading Baby Sign Language

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I Heart Waltermart!

Because I  stained my dress, a pair of  shorts, our bed sheets, ever dependable hubby agreed to an impromptu grocery at Waltermart Makati. When I was still a single working girl, I stayed in a rented apartment in Washington, which is just a short 5 minute jeepney ride away from Walter. The very first item I bought were… Continue reading I Heart Waltermart!