Not Your Usual Princess Books for Our Little Princess

Dear Baby Girl, I have been looking forward to reading these books to you. As early as 2013, even before I got pregnant, I’d always keep you in mind whenever we go to Booksale. The main character in these books are not your damsel in distress princesses. They don’t need to be saved. They are heroes in their own right. I got you these books in the hope that you will grow up strong, independent, determined and still be feminine and caring. 

These are books by Babette Cole, one of our family’s favorite authors. We love her humor and her wacky drawings. Tarzanna grew up surrounded by forest animals. She was invited to live in the city where she helped zoo animals escape and go back to their home. 
Princess Smarty Pants’ parents insisted that she chooses a husband soon. She subjected the princes to various tests from all night roller disco dancing to shopping with the queen. In the end, she found that the only person she deserves is herself.

Zog and the Princess and the Wizard were written by Julia Donaldson, an award winning author who gave us The Gruffalo, The Snail and the Whale and Smartest Giant in Town. 
The princess in the Zog book refused to be saved by a gallant knight. In the end she chose to be a doctor and even convinced Zog, the dragon and the gallant knight to join her Flying Doctors team. 
Princess Emily’s family was turned into stone by an evil wizard. The wizard also  held her prison. She tried many times to escape. She failed many times but refused to give up. In the end, she outsmarted an evil wizard and saved her family.

These princess did not want to be boxed in the standard prim-and-proper, sit-and-smile-all-day princess stereotype. By getting their hands dirty and doing actual work, they learned that it is more fun to be involved than to be pretty and do nothing the whole day.

Helga was the most beautiful troll but she was very poor. She wanted to marry her boyfriend troll but she could not afford the dowry. Instead of giving up on her man, she put up several rackets. Thru her determination and wit, she earned more than the gold that she needed. When she met her boyfriend again, she realized that any man who waits to be saved and does nothing to help her lady love, just is not good enough for her. 

Your Kuyaks is the most imaginative kid that I know. I can’t wait to see him show you and your brother how to have an adventure in the comforts of our home. Grace is very much like your Kuya. She likes to reenact scenes and copy characters. She wanted to be Peter Pan in her school play. As expected, she received lots of objection from her peers. At first, she was disheartened. With the support that she gets from her family, she realized that she could be whoever she wants to be. She became the best Peter Pan that her school has ever seen. 

Another favorite. Lala, the rugabee, wanted to be a real princess. She lives in a cave beneath the ground. One day, she sneaked into the castle and tried on princess gowns. The 3 real princesses caught her. The three pretended to be real friends but their actual plan was to humiliate Lala in front of all their guests in the ball. Lala with tears in her eyes ,went running back to her cave. Days later, she decided to go back to the castle to return the princess gown that she wore to the ball. Then, something happened! I will save the rest of the storytelling when you are big enough. 
Oh, also, I got you a lot of books about real women who made a mark in history. I wonder which one will be your favorite? 

See you in a few days, bunny girl!!

One thought on “Not Your Usual Princess Books for Our Little Princess

  1. Hi Maqui! I am truly happy for you and your family. It is indeed true that everything happens for a reason and that God’s plan for us is and will always be amazing. Have a safe delivery and I can’t wait to see your twins (here in your blog!).

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