Buntis Diary: Week 34

Week 3
(July 4-10)

Current Weight – 171 lbs 
I am so heavy that Franco needs to push my butt up whenever I need to get inside our van. I am so heavy that I ask my son to lift my leg and put it on top of the ottoman. I am so so big and heavy but I am not complaining. 

34 is a magical number. In the same way that every week is a blessing. Thirty four weeks is a milestone week for twin pregnancies. Babies who are born on this week may or may not need NICU time. Chances are even if they are considered preemies, the early birth will not have an effect on the babies. 


We are so so close to the finish line. My grand opening could be as soon as next week! Weeeeee!
Lui, one of my first mommy friends visited me! Out of the 5 times that she tells me that she will visit, she is a no show 6 times. Hehe love you, Beks! Thank you for the bath paraphernalia, playmat, baby activity book, nursing clothes, carriers and chocolate! 
Unfortunately, no pictures because we got carried away with the kwentuhan. Here is the pic when she visited me last Feb when I was on bedrest. 

First thing I did when I got to work this week was to turn on my out of office advisory. I am still reporting for work. Unless my doc tells me that I need to be in bed rest, I intend to continue reporting. 
Anyhow, my OOO simply says that my back-ups and my bosses should be copied in all email correspondences as I will be on maternity leave very soon. So thankful for my supportive bosses and dependable direct reports. I have a couple of friends who are also due soon but unlike me, they are stressed at work. Their 2 month absence at work causes their bosses to freak out. 
I got my Philheath CF 1 and certificate of contributions. I have also verified that both twins will receive Philhealth benefits amounting to 1650 each. As for me, I will receive 6500 if birth is normal and 19000 if Caesarian. 

My docs folder is now complete and ready for action!

In case you are wondering what documents am I bringing. Here is the list:

– SSS Mat 2 Form

– Valid ID

– Philheath CF1, 3 copies (for me and the twins)

– Certificate of Philhealth contributions, 3 copies also

– Philheath MDR

– Marriage certificate, original and photocopy 

– Franco and my birth certificates, original and photocopy
My mom and my niece Jyl are here! The last time mother was here, she oversaw the laundry of the twins ‘ clothes. Glad we finished early bec it has been raining all week! Mom is busy fixing up the garden and the kitchen. Her cleanliness standards are pretty high so good luck, Ate Doring! 

Aki and his one and only Ate! The rest of his older cousins are boys. 
We capped the week with a massage party. Lola Do, Jyl, Aki and I had a restful sleep last Friday. Thanks to my suking masahista, Kakai of Totally Relaxed. 

I endorsed a bilin list to Ate. When we go to the hospital to give birth she needs to
– change the bedsheets. Use the new white sheets. Make sure that they are ironed and wrinkle free

– Replace the curtains in the room and in the living room. 

– Scrub the walls of the bed room and one more check to get rid of agiw

– When Franco’s parents visit us, send malunggay soup

– Buy tulya, halaan and other galactagouges

– Remind Aki to do his assignment and sleep early 

– Clean all the electric fans

– Bring the lamp shade to the room

– Set up crib and playpen

– Use yellow bedsheets for the crib and cream sheets for the playpen

I finally finished this book! 

When I was pregnant with Aki, I was so down because I could not calm his crying. Everyone could except me. I thought I was prepared because I read a number of books and attended classes. The conflicting information from family, friends, well-meaning strangers, websites and books did not help. 
I really hope this book will help me. It is because of this book which is why I want a duyan! 
I dreamt about successfully breastfeeding twice this week. Everyday, I pray that this time I will trust my body, not give in to stress and pressure and provide the best nourishment for my babies. 
I have been reading about no-bake lactation treats too. 
Aside from reading up on tandem breastfeeding, I attended a bfeeding class c/o LATCH. This bfeeding support group holds free classes every quarter in Medical City. 
Dear God, I need 6-8 bath towels and 1-2 bags of breast milk as recommended by my bfeeding coach friend, Velvet. Thank you in advance! 
My Tita bought my dream playpen for the twins. 

Thank you, Mama Elout!
May I just say, these babies are using my bladder as a punching bag or trampoline. It feels like first trimester all over again. I get up 6-8 times every night just to pee. 
I had a praning moment because I noticed that I had more than the usual discharge. Was it pee or amniotic fluid? It did not persist so I am guessing it was just pee. Sorry TMI. 
After a month and ten days, the twinniepies have doubled their weight! Bunny girl is now 5.5 lbs while Bebe boy is 5.15. These gives me so much relief bec 5.5 lbs is a safe weight for newborns. 
Another good news is that now for the first time, the babies are cephalic or head down. This means, I am now a candidate for vaginal birth. 
I want the normal birth because I want to recover fast. Can I take care of 2 newborns, 1 grade schooler and a Caesarian wound all at the same time? On the other hand, Caesarian birth seems like the safe and popular choice with twins. With CS, everything seems predictable. You see, the thing with twins is that when baby A is born, the second twin, because of the now- empty space in the uterus, will turn and become breech. Poor mommy will end up having both vaginal and Caesarian births! Ouch!


We passed several tests this week

– Biophysical Test. Both babies got an 8 out of 8

– Non-stress Test. I am not yet contracting

– Urinalysis. Bacteria count went down from Many to Few. 

– Internal Exam. My cervix is still closed. Looks like I am not giving birth this week or next week. 
Thank you, Lord, for continuously blessing this pregnancy! 


Franco went out with friends 3 nights in a row. Normally, I would be semi upset that he is not spending his free time with us. I understand where he is coming from. When the babies are out, social life will move further down in our list of priorities. Have fun, husband while you still can!
Special thanks to our Endaya family who threw us a baby and big brother promotion party. We are sooooo loved! 
Remember my multi layer hanger wish last week? We got a set of onesies which came with the very same hanger that I was looking for. 

Talk to you next week! 

2 thoughts on “Buntis Diary: Week 34

  1. So happy to finally hear that you are once again pregnant and this time with twins! I’m a silent reader for the longest time and I actually saw your family once in Booksale in SM Bicutan. I was just shy to approach you 🙂

    I wish you the best of luck with your breastfeeding journey. After failing to successfully breastfeed my 2 daughters, my mind was also set that I will breastfeed my youngest. I read up on as much references as I can and joined support groups in FB — I’m exclusively breastfeeding my bot for 9 months now! If you still need some no bake lactation bites, I want to share with you my go to recipe: https://mommykach.wordpress.com/2016/06/05/easy-no-bake-lactation-balls-recipe/. It’s very easy 🙂

    Wishing you a safe delivery and hope you can post pics of the twins soon!

  2. Dr. Harvey Karp was my lifesaver. We watched the video and it was very helpful for us. Our kids were swaddled until they were about 5 months old. We also have the apps for white noise and we bought the duyan from Graco — same duyan used for all three kids 🙂

    All the best! Lapit na, sis. So excited for you!

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