Buntis Diary: Week 33

Week 33 (June 27-July 3)

Current Weight – 169.5. 

So one can really gain 5 lbs in one week.
I have been averaging 2.25 lbs per week for the last 4 weeks. Assuming the trend does not change, I will be 178-180 lbs by the time I give birth.
That is about 50 lbs total weight gain since my pre pregnancy weight was 128 lbs. I won’t pressure myself to gain my old body.I am very excited though, to feel lighter, sleep on my tummy, toss and turn while I sleep, touch my toes, move faster and of course, see our dream babies!

Only 2-5 more weeks! 

Just watched the Game of Thrones season finale. Now, another 10 months of waiting begins. For the last 10 weeks, Monday was extra special. I did not dread going to work. Monday is when I turn a page in my calendar as I move on to another pregnancy week, go to the clinic to check my weight gain and watch GOT in the pantry.  
I will dearly miss cheering for Dany and Jon Snow every Monday morning. I will miss crying inside as I mourn another violent death. Hodor’s and Margaery’s deaths were the most devastating for me. Aside from cuddling our babies, I look forward to rewatching seasons 1-7 during my maternity leave. 

Kuya Aki Updates

Got this message from his Grade 1 adviser.


My husband’s jerk meter goes from 10 

to zero. 


June 28

If Franco had not greeted me, I would have totally forgotten that today is our 12th year together. Happy anniversary, Bebekoykoy! 

I love you. I love us!

My pregnancy craving for the week: Chowking! I had sweet and sour fish twice this week. Once, lunch was a feast of 3 bola-bola siopaos. Not to be forgotten is my current fave dessert: white crema halo-halo! 
Because of my water retention, guess what is for lunch and for dinner?

Munggo munggo munggo and more munggo!

This is boiled mung beans with milk powder and sugar.
Jo Lim posted a teaser photo from our maternity shoot last week. 

I also received 55 raw shots. I need to chose my top 4. I can’t decide! 
Interested in having your own maternity shoot? You won’t find a better deal than this. 


 I learned that my former neighbor, Nor is also pregnant. Her official due date is mid-August, like me. And not only that, we chose the same name for our boys. 🙂
I am often asked what is the name of our twins. And often, I say we want to keep it a secret for now. I chose the name of one of my nieces. I love that name and honestly, I wish I could use it for my own daughter. My sister also has a friend who used another niece’s name. And if you watched Sex and the City and FRIENDS, you probably know that Charlotte and Monica have chosen a name for their future kids. After mentioning their dream name to friends, these friends who got preggy first used that name. So there, yes I am OA and I am praning. I don’t want to announce the names of our twins because of fear that someone will use them first before we do. 
PS I learned about Nor’s baby’s name bec she mentioned it in one of her FB posts. Since she came up with it on her own, I totally don’t mind. 

July 1

Waaaah! July na! We will meet our Leo babies soon.

Hooray for today!
I had one-on-one meetings with my direct reports. I have officially transitioned my tasks and gave my blessings and bilins. Now, I can go on maternity leave without worrying about work. 
Two years ago, when I was pregnant with Emily and we learned from the first ultrasound that heartbeat was not detected, I was advised to go bedrest. I told my OB that I can’t afford to suddenly be out of the office. It was our peak season for recruitment. I had more or less 20 staff, all reporting to me. Most of the team were new. We just transferred to a new site. I also had a new boss. Looking back, I don’t regret the decision to continue to work and tie loose ends. The ending would still be the same had I chose otherwise. Two years later, so much have changed. I have more members within my unit but now, I have 3 team leaders who oversee their own subgroups. I am proud of how much the three have grown and I have no doubt that their respective groups are in capable hands. It is also a major advantage that I was issued a laptop. I can work from home and join meetings via video conference.  
Aside from transitioning my work, today, Friday was extra special because of our team dinner. Thank you, MJY! 

Thank you to my team too for the generous gifts!
One item off my buntis bucket list, a list of things I want to do before giving birth. We went on a Binondo Food Walk! My size and achy joins and the drizzle that morning, could not stop me! 
Big thanks to my bodyguards. 

Franco was hesitant but because it was him who said he wants to take me out, he had no choice. Haha. There are a hundred and one Chinese dishes to try in Chinatown. My personal goal was to bring the boys to at least 4 places. 

Pork Chop and Dumplings from Tasty Dumplings.Kuchay Xiao Long Bao from _________. Almond Shake from Cafe Mezzanine. We weren’t planning to go there but we had no place to pee. Hehe. 

We went to Eng Bee Tin for hopia supply for the day. Last stop was the Binondo church where we said our thank you prayers before hailing a cab. 

Does anyone know where can I buy a reasonably priced rattan duyan? I am also on a hunt to find a couple of multilayer hangers.

How can I end a weekly update without sharing my discomforts? Thank God, no new symptoms this week. I am still achy and cranky the whole day. I did notice that there is one more thing that is difficult for me to do, getting in and out of tiny restroom cubicles especially ones where the door opens toward the toilet bowl. 
Til my next update! 


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