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Buntis Diary: Week 31

Week 31
Check out our new table!
Current Weight: 162.75 lbs

I lost weight for the first time in many weeks


Comments I usually get now

Ako ang nahihirapan para sayo. 

Di ka na yata dapat pumapasok? 

Parang hirap na hirap ka?

And the most irritating: Mabigat?

I have been waking up in the middle of the night. That is not unusual. I am used to waking up to pee. What is unusual is that I can’t go back to sleep. Since there is nothing to do, I get my phone and browse. Before I know it, I have been up for 1-1.5 hours. And then I get sleepy again. Surprisingly, I don’t feel sluggish when I wake up in the morning. Maybe this is my body’s way of preparing me for the twins’ night time feeding.


My favorite moment of the day is when Aki and I are sitting in the recliner, talking about school and work. I hope we never lose this can-talk-about-anything-and-every-thing-under-the-sun closeness. 

Aki had a rough day the other day. He thinks he was bullied by an older kid in the school bus. His frenemy, Samuel sided with the older kid. I personally think it was not bullying but Aki was really affected. Here is an excerpt of our cute discussion.


Oh my sciatic nerve! I get this sharp shooting pains in my lower back. Every little move makes me say Aw! Aw! Aw! 

One of the things I want to do before going on maternity leave is to meet my different sets of friends. Today, Friday, I am missing a get together with my HR friends bec of this sciatic nerve. Next week, I will miss my college dorm friends semi reunion in UP bec of our OB check up. 
Our conversation topic of the week is purchasing a new vehicle. To say that we are financially unprepared for this twin pregnancy is not totally true but it is also not 100% false. We have our financial targets for every year. We have been saving up for another child and for our retirement. Mega thanks to our financial adviser, Efren Cruz. But 2 kids at the same time?! These little big blessings are unexpected and unplanned for since we do not have twins in both our families. We were not foreseeing getting a 2nd vehicle in the next couple of years. Here we are now, and it looks like we need to get one ASAP. We love our 20 year old van. It is spacious and comfortable. Unfortunately until lately, it’s become unreliable. 
When Franco gives me updates on his car search, the prices that he mentions get me nervous. 
For now, since I know nothing about cars and I am not interested anyway, all I can do is pray about it. I pray that we make the right decision. I pray that we will always be safe. Two things that these twin pregnancy have been teaching us:

1.) God always provides.

2.) God’s plan is bigger and better than ours. I will try not to think and worry about this big financial move too much and let God’s plan unfold on its own. 

These bunny babies are so sweet and responsive. When I place my palm on my tummy, I can expect that one of them will move and answer with a high five, flying kick or a little nudge. I don’t know how they know it is me. They always respond to me but when I ask someone else to touch my belly and feel their movements, suddenly they stop squirming. 



One more item off my to-do list: Organize the bigger clothes. So last week, we fixed the 0-3 clothes. This week, I sorted all the 3-18 month clothes that we have. When Aki was little, he outgrew a lot of this clothes even before he could wear them. I have learned from experience that the sizes indicated in tags of baby clothes are not reliable. Some of our 3 month onesies are bigger than our 6-9 month ones. Here is what I did. First I grouped the clothes per category: boy onesies, girl onesies, pambahay onesies, dresses, polo, shirts, shorts, pants, frog suits. Then per category I arranged them based on size after physically comparing each item. Once clothes are organized smallest to biggest, I clipped them. 

When all categories had been tackled, we placed them in my plastic baul.


Happiest Father’s Day to the man who cuts my toenails because I can’t reach them! Thank you for always looking after us. We love you so so so! 




The struggle to move is real. Thanks to the added weight, my sciatic nerve plus my puffy and painful legs. The most comfortable position for me is lying down in recliner chair. To give up this comfortable position, I must have a very very important reason. 

Every night I have an internal debate with myself. 

I need to pee. Do I do it now or hold it for a few more minutes?
I am so cold but is it cold enough for me to get up? 
I want a sandwich but I also just want to lie down forever. 
PS, if you are pregnant, I highly recommend getting a recliner. Got ours from Mandaue Foam. 


Look what I downloaded for the twinsipops! An app of different white noises. The book that I am reading, Happiest Baby on the Block recommends shushing to calm fussy babies. 


My friend Faye dropped by and gave me organic and plump mangoes and bananas! Thanks, Faye! 

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