Buntis Diary: Week 30

Current Weight – 163.25 lbs

Total Weight Gain – 35.25 lbs

We hit the 30 week milestone today! 5-8 weeks to go! 

I gained 2.75 lbs since last week. Every step is a struggle (my super sensitive husband calls me penguin queen because of how I walk) but if each little ounce helps my babies get healthier, I am not complaining. 

I limited my dessert intake last week. Today, I will treat myself to a cup of mini McFlurry. 


Pregnancy Brain

I had two major booboo’s today, June 6.

First, I wrote the wrong date in Aki’s first day of school photo. 

And two, I left my wallet in the car. I had to borrow money from one of the assistants at work. 
Aki’s first day. 

I made a list of first day traditions when Aki went to Playschool. Only one item on the list survived. The first day of school photo. Hehe. When the twins are out, I wonder if I will have the energy and sanity to continue the traditions I once eagerly did with their Kuya. 

In many ways, Aki is lucky. He had our 100% time and attention. If he was sick, I could cuddle him all day. When the babies are out, that 100% will be divided into 3. Will I be able to give unli-hugs and kisses to each child? What if all of them need me at the same time? What if there is a crying chorus? Who will I pick up first? What if all kids get sick? How how how? 


I met with my doula and breastfeeding coach friend, Velvet. Finally! 

I shared my plan of moving the twins’ evacuation date to July 25, a week earlier. That is exactly my 37th week. Reason for this is that it is my lolo’s birthday. I would love to name the kids after him or my dad. Both are named Florencio. But, my heart is saying no no no. Hehe. 

Velvet said it is best to let the twins stay inside the tummy for as long as possible. Giving them time to develop their lungs will help them in the long run. Plus NICU can cost as much as 20K per day per child. Ouch! 

Oh well, I will just find other ways to honor the men in my family. Whatever name or birthday they will have, the twins will grow up looking up to their grandparents. 

Lola Do

Mothers are truly heaven sent. A day before Aki’s first day of school, she brought Aki to Jollibee for a me-and-my-Lola date, to the barbershop for a haircut and to the neighborhood grocery for some snack shopping. On top of that, she spearheaded laundry week, oversaw the carpentry work on the twins’ cabinet and personally wrapped the shelves with cartolina. And the result… drum rolls please……

These are the 0-3 months clothes. The newborn size clothes, all of them, are in our hospital luggage. OA? I know! I don’t know how the clothes will fit. 

Thank you, Lola Do! Aki misses his siksik party with you.

And may I just share, how cute are these #DU30 polos for our baby boy! 

I got most 2nd hand at a very very good deal! Thank you, Kaye, Dindin, Candy and Chie! 

OB Check-up

We met with our OB again. And again, lab tests still show that I have UTI and anemia. I try not to worry bec our OB does not seem bothered at all. Babies are doing a-OK. From now on, we will see our Doctor every 2 weeks. 

Since Franco is scared of traffic, we were in the clinic, not one, not 2 but 4 hours early! What do to when you have so much time? Do your grocery and baby things shopping. We bought 2 foldable mattresses. One is for our 2nd helper. The other is for Franco or Aki. 

After shopping, we ate in Mang Inasal where we enjoyed our favorite white crema halo-halo! 

Next stop, binggo!!! The last time we played was when I was still preggy with Aki. And just like before, when we thought we are 1 or 2 numbers away from the grand prize, one of the lolas who clearly have been spending too much time there, shouted, “Binggo!!”


My baby bump hates the following:

humps, sharp turns, uneven roads, laughing hard, sneezing and coughing.  


This is what I am reading now. 

I swear by Dr Harp’s Happiest Toddler book. Aki was already an easy and happy baby to start with. The book made Aki and me even happier in many ways. 


I have been manas for weeks but it is only this week that it is become really uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, that I chose to stay at home and sleep while the Endaya boys had fun at the recently concluded ToyCon 2016.


This week, God used my friend Jane to bless me with bolster pillows and more clothes for Twin Boy. I was just telling myself that we need one more set of pillows. Days later, Jane came bringing just what we need. Thank you, Jane! Thank you, God! 

God, you know my needs and wants. If you are feeling generous, I want a post partum binder that will help me get my old body back and a bathtub, bath pad or bather for newborns. 


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