Akisms {Positivity # 1}

Aki responds well when we introduce him to mantras. We call them family mottos. Last year, when we wanted to tame down his competitiveness and improve his sportsmanship. Our family motto was

“Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you learn. What is important is doing your best.”

This year, we want him to be more positive. I noticed that he was whining more often and gave himself  negative labels. In college, I learned about self-fulfilling prophesies. If you think you are terrible at something, that will eventually happen. Why? Because you have convinced yourself of your capabilities, you will not try and overcome  challenges. Challenges that will make you better eventually. Now, think of the reversed mindset. If you know deep inside that you are limitless, what do you think will happen?

This is the latest addition to our list of family motto:

“Your words have power.”

Here is how one of our conversations went.



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