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Book Recommendations for You and Your Kids

I have been regularly going to Booksale ever since Aki was born. The sections that I love are 1) children’s books, 2) magazines 3) cookbooks and 4) parenting books. I discovered late last year on one o those nights when traffic was so bad, you’d rather wait until the mall closes before leaving, that there are other sections, waiting to be discovered.

There’s the assorted topic section. Here you’ll find books about pop culture to painting, history to horses, carpentry to cancer and many more. My last good find was for Aki. He likes science so this Weird but True by NatGeo Kids is perfect for him.


Honestly, I find this book expensive at PhP450. And to think, we bought both part 1 and part 2 books so that’s PhP900. Aki had been consistently reading these books everytime we were in Booksale. When he was not looking, I bought the books and hid them in my closet. To celebrate the first day of summer break, we gave him one of the books as a gift for a very good first year in his big school.

What I like about WbT books is that the layout is very engaging. The information are made even more interesting because of the presentation.

IMG_6362 IMG_6358 IMG_6361

Also last year, I learned the power of praying. My favorite author is Stormie Omartian. She wrote the best-selling Power of the Praying Wife/Woman/Parent books. I have all three books which I got from National Bookstore.  Stormie’s other books are also available in Booksale.


I have been wanting to blog about the PPW book series but I just can’t find the words. The books have helped me in so many ways at work and at home. I used to lose sleep because I worried too much. Praying gives me peace of mind. Before starting my day, before going to a meeting, before starting a difficult conversation, I pray.  I pray that Stormie’s PPW books find their way to your bedside table.

Have a great day!

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