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…And We Ate Happily Ever After

That is the story of my life for the first quarter of the year.

I worked in the kitchen and enjoyed the fruits of my labor afterwards.I gained only 2 pounds because I ate healthy during weekdays and feasted on weekends.

Same thing on the work-front. I have worked on double shifts for at least 4 times last quarter. On some days, you win. On some days, you learn. I work hard on weekdays but make sure that weekends are for family.

Going back, some of my finished products. How I wish I have time to document how I tweaked the recipes and how easy/intimidating/frustrating/surprising/laborious the cooking process was. Since I don’t have the luxury of time, please refer to the links and modify as needed.

Spanish-Style Sardines. Click here for the recipe


Fake Sizzling Tofu. It is a fake because the original recipe calls for a sizzling plate. Recipe here


Aren’t these the cutest boiled eggs? I got the molds from Japan Home

IMG_5224 IMG_5221

I made these pancakes last Valentine’s Day. Posted a tutorial many many years ago.


Not to brag (.. fine, this is bragging), but my homemade chocolate ice cream is much better than any other ice cream that you have ever tasted.


Ribs in Spanish Paprika Tomato Sauce, another winner according to my carnivorous husband


My cream-less but creamy carbonara


My kani salad. I bought a julienne peeler just for this. This special peeler transformed my cucumbers into thin strands. Add mango cubes, kani crabsticks and a generous amount of Japanese mayo. This is my no-fail go-to summer salad.


Sesame Dressing. The picture looks nice, noh? Unfortuately, my tastebuds did not approve. Got the recipe here


Now for the following, I got the recipes from my America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Country and Cook’s Illustrated magazines. I usually have great results whenever I dare try recipes from the said magazines but this time, all three did not impress.

Sweet- Chilli Glazed  Tofu


Greek Pasta with lots and lots of dill


Coffee Mug Cake


In 2006, I visited my relatives in London. One of the “pauwi” from my Tita Myrna is her puto recipe. After 9 years, I finally tried making them.


Modified Red Velvet Crinkles. Recipe from Bakehappy.Net. Hello, Aikko! We were classmates back in UP. Of all the college classmate that I had, I think she is the one who became most famous.   Well, I had a dormmate who became pornstar in the US  but we never sat on the same class so that does not count.

Anyhoo,I did not have red food color but I have a couple of green McCormick bottles.  It was when I was ready to refrigerate the mixture that I realized that I used pandan essence instead of green food color! Surprisingly, the cookies turned out yummy and really moist.


On the next weekend, I sought my revenge. I baked 50+ cookies using Aikko’s chocolate crinkle recipe. Taste-wise, I would not change a thing. They were chocolate-y, moist and crunchy. I don’t know why the cookies came out flat though.


As you can see, when you take the homemade route, you have 50-50 chance of getting things exactly how you want them. So are the shopping  trips to the supermarket, the tears because of chopped onions, the minor burns and not to mention the washing that comes after, all worth the hassle? Definitely, yes! Nothing beats the feeling of creating something using your own hands. Making memories and doing something extra special on ordinary days are what weekends are for, right?

3 thoughts on “…And We Ate Happily Ever After

  1. Na-try ko na yung homemade ice cream recipe mo before, and masarap nga sya!!! This time, ang type ko ireplicate at home are the Spanish style sardines and Creamless Carbonara naman. Thanks for sharing, Maqui! 🙂

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