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Do your kids love posing for the camera? Don’t you just love how they never run out of genuine smiles? Lucky you! I love my son to bits but I can’t help but wish that he is more photogenic. His candid smile makes my heart leap but his 1-2-3 smiiiiiile makes it clear that modelling is not for him. Haha. And don’t even dare ask him for retakes. Am not surprised. Franco is just like that, maybe even worse. During our last photoshoot, my 33-year old first born almost had a tantrum!

Photo by Imagine Nation Photo https://www.facebook.com/Imaginenationphoto
Photo by Imagine Nation Photo https://www.facebook.com/Imaginenationphoto

While posing for the camera is not one of Aki’s strong points, it is his witty comebacks and unexpected questions that make him one really funny and interesting kid.


Aki: Please go to Youtube and type “How to Find a Snake and Make it Your Pet”


Me: What will Tooth Fairy give you kaya?

Aki: I think she is going to give me an Ipad

Me: Of course not! She only gives 10 pesos per tooth!


Me: I know how to make clay
Aki: Prove it!


Me: Your eyes are tired. You need to rest.
Aki: But Mummy, my eyes are not resters!


Aki: Check me out! I am a dust catcher!

He tried catching floating dust for a good 10 minutes


Aki: I am not going to be dirty rich. I will work hard to earn money


Aki: Where is Dadoh (Daddy)?

Me: I think he went to his other family

With lips pursed, he gave me a you’re-not-funny look

Me: That was just a joke, ok?!

Aki (dead-pan face): I am not even laughing



We were arguing about something. Aki was very upset and walked out to his room.

As he was going up the stairs, I called

Me: I still love you. Can I have kiss?
Aki: Mom, after I think it over


Aki: I know why God can not die
Me: Why?
Aki: Because he has 10 million hearts! That is why

We saw a movie where one of the characters died with eyes open

Aki: Mummy, I don’t want to die. I am so scared (He was teary eyed. He was really worried)
Me: Let’s pray

After the prayer
Me: If we want to live a long life, we should eat vegetables, have enough sleep and obey our parents

Aba, in two minutes, natulog nga!


Aki: If I evaporate, will you let me borrow your phone?
Me: Huh?
Aki: If I EVAAAAAPORATE, will you let me borrow your phone?
Me: Oh you mean COOPERATE!


Me: Uy sakto!
Aki: What is sakto?
Me: Just in time
Aki: What is just in time means?
Me: Perfect timing
Aki: What is perfect timing?
Me: Go ask your dadoy.


N@wies Family Portrait Marathon - Sugarpuff Photography - Edited-263

One afternoon, we could not connect to the internet.

Aki closed his eyes, did the sign of the cross and said, “Jesus, please give us wifi. Amen”


One of his recent LSS was “I am your biggest fan and your worst nightmare”


One of the most irritating things I hear in the morning is my husband shouting, “Tara, Be!”. He shouts as soon as he steps out of the bathroom. Unfortunately for me, Aki found it entertaing to irk me further. He now joins his father in shouting “Tara, Be! Tara, Be! Tara, Be!” in a rally-like tone.


After watching Superman movie…

Aki: Is superman a saint?


I was telling him how proud I was that he prays and regularly donates to orphanages

Aki: Why am I not a saint yet?


One time I asked Aki to lead the prayer before meals. Instead of his usual prayer, he lead us in praying the Angelus!


When I was a kid, when I played rock paper scissors, I sometimes used Rain or Hammer. Aki’s special bato bato pick bet is different

Aki: Bato bato picks….. “Power of the Holy Spirit!”



Aki at 5 years old still can’t pronounce these words properly.

Gusto ko –> Gusmo ko
Presenting –> Poosenting
Important –> Aportant
Remember –> Nirember
Except –> Upset
Prepare –> Repair
Dangerous –> Jenjerous


Me: Here is a gift from Tita T
Aki: It say 3+ (for 3 years old and up). This is for my baby brother na lang

Aki: When we have a baby, we will name him Baby Momo Chika-i (From the Voltes V song)


Aki: Mummy! Itchy back (means scratch my back)! You are my only chance..


Me: A gun is deadlier than a sword. You can be killed even if you are far away.
Aki: Actually, Mom, if you have a super super super super super long long long long long long long sword, you can kill even in you are far far away from your enemy


My sister in law gave birth a week past her due date. Aki couldn’t wait to see his baby cousin. He sang to his Tita’s then pregnant tummy

Aki (in the tune of One Direction’s Out of my Head): Get out, get out, get out of the tummy!


Aki (Singing in the tune of Rude) : Can I have your phone for the rest of my life? Say yes say yes cause I need to know

Me: Tough luck, my friend. But the answer is no.


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