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Protect Your Family Said the Pope

Hello hello hello!

Is it just me or  is every 1 out 5 people that I know getting sick nowadays? That includes me. I have not been able to report to work for 2 days. The very moment that I sneezed, I knew immediately that I caught my officemate’s virus. As soon as I got home, I drank ginger tea and gargled warm water with salt. On the next day, I was semi okay. Wednesday was a different story. Today, Thursday, I decided to rest (yesterday I worked from home).  Thank you God for the gift of healing.

Moving on to another topic, what did you do during the long Papal weekend? Although we live close to Villamor, we chose to stay home. The pope said, “Protect your family.” If  protecting means praying, preparing for the future, nurturing, prioritizing health, and spending quality time with your family, we did just what the pope said.

First thing we did on the first day of the long weekend, was meet our financial advisor, Efren Cruz. Click here to read our past posts about insights that we gained from him. Financially, so many things have happened since we first met Efren in 2012. We paid off our Pag-ibig loan. I got promoted. Franco moved to an insurance company with great benefits. We just want to check if our finances are in order.



Another achievement is the makeover of my bodega. Am super proud because it took me almost 3 weeks to finish this project. Ate calls my plastic storage boxes, makabagong baul. I got the biggest boxes for three for PhP900+ only. I love that they stack perfectly and come with wheels. For the first time since we moved in, everything is in place in the third room.


Aki’s playroom also got a makeover. It is no longer just storage room for Aki’s toys. It is now a storage room with a sofa bed. Hehe.

As for Franco, he rediscovered his love for jujitsu, thanks to his training partners. Honestly, I prefer boxing over BJJ. It was when Franco started boxing did we see him start losing significant weight. Well, whatever he likes, I will support.


And look who has been training in a boxing gym now?



And my last little feat was making these Spanish-style sardines in olive oil. I am seriously considering  buying a pressure cooker so we can cook this more often




One more day before the week officially ends. Advance happy weekend! Remember, protect your family.

2 thoughts on “Protect Your Family Said the Pope

  1. My husband and I have been taking our finances seriously the past two years. I wished we started earlier, though. But then, better late than never. Family should be protected talaga, they are our source of life, inspiration and joy, after all. Nakakamiss si Pope Francis! 🙂

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