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Favorite Moments Last Christmas

Aside from those that I already previously mentioned, here are my favorite Christmas moments

1. When we visited a nearby orphanage and donated Aki’s old bike.


The happiness in the orphans’ faces were indescribable, especially from the ones who rode a bike for the first time. Had I known that that bike can bring so much excitement for other people, I would not had let that toy collect dust.


Send me a note thru the contact page if you have items that you want to donate.

2. My mom’s reaction as she redeemed her Christmas love coupons.


3. Enjoying the art of doing nothing in our family home in Los Banos.


4. Donut Party with the Jupiter Street boys. The donut maker is one of the best raffle prizes that I ever won in an office raffle. Nothing fancy about the party but Aki and his village friends definitely had a fun sugar-loaded evening.


5. Aki’s first time in a real stage.  I will give a prize to whoever can spot Aki in this picture.


Check out my super easy and super fail last minute halo. Hehehe


6. Santa’s personalized video message. Will definitely add this to our Christmas tradition list.


Aki was beyond thrilled. Here he is, crossing his fingers while waiting for confirmation that he made it to the Nice list.


Watch the video here

7. Aki’s second ring bearer stint at his Ninang Ameron’s wedding. I am one proud mummy!


I just have to post this picture because I look pretty here. Hehe. Plus it was our 6th wedding anniversary.


8. Aki’s coin collection. One day, after picking up a 25 centavo coin, Aki announced that he wants to have a coin collection. Being the supportive mummy, I asked friends who were going home to Manila to save their loose change. Aki is now a proud owner of UK, US,Euro, Singaporean, Indian and lots of Philippine coins.


9. Reading this page from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.


10. On the first working day after Christmas, Aki and I trooped to the bank to deposit all his cash gifts.


11.  Drinking hot choco or a warm soup on a cold day.



How I loved the bulalo when we visited Franco’s lola in Batangas one rainy day. And my Tita Sor’s molo soup when we had a Christmas lunch in BF. Of course, hot choco while watching Home Alone.

12. Dancing with my boys to the tune of Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas. I love being the only girl when my boys are fighting over who dances with me first. So sorry, I am too shy to post our dancing videos.


13. Our NYE photoshoot in our polka dot shorts.






Eleven months and a half to go before Christmas!

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