Favorite Gifts We Gave and Received Last Christmas


We did not get to see the Pope but by reading and listening about his visit, I already feel extremely blessed.  I am thankful that God sent a charismatic messenger to us to show how much we are loved.

Still on the topic of Christmas, we were blessed  to be surrounded by generous and thoughtful friends and family. All gifts were very much appreciated. And don’t you just love heartfelt notes? 

IMG_4716 IMG_4662 IMG_4605

These are some of the favorite gifts that we gave last month. If you are looking for gift ideas, I hope you find the list below helpful.

Mini Cupcake Maker from HMR



Hanabishi Donut Maker


An extra gift for my mom. A bracelet with the names of her grandkids.



The girls from my team, got this bracelet while the guys got a key chain version. In the note, I wrote, “Recruiters are messengers of answered prayers. May we never lose our sense of purpose and fulfillment.” 🙂


I ordered the bracelets and keychains from my good friend Leslie of the Got-to-believe  blog.

If you have someone on your list who already has everything, that someone might appreciate getting love coupons.  After reading the Love Language of Children book, I realized that Aki’s love language is physical touch. That is probably why he has been “inventing” different kids of hugs and kisses.



Now, who wants a cookie hug? 🙂




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