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2014 Christmas Decors

I am always amazed when I see houses fully decked inside and out with Christmas decors. The first question that comes to mind is “Where do they store all these after the holidays?!”. We live in a house that is just right size for our small family. Not big, not small but storage space is always a problem. In fact, our third room, the supposed guestroom, was converted into a dressing room slash bodega.

And so when the holiday season rolls in, I just choose which spaces needs to be decorated. I don’t have the time, storage space and budget to holida-fy  our whole little home. This year, I chose the corner under the stairs and bookshelves. I already shared the Christmas trees and books. Let me share how our shelves looked like.

The countdown. Wanna know where I bought it? Where else? Uniwide!



A reminder to savor the  little moments that truly make the holidays memorable.



Our belen (Thank you, Mama and Tatay!). I intentionally did not use our Santa decors. I want us, especially Aki, to remember that star of the season is Baby Jesus. Aki believes in Santa but knows that St. Nick is just the delivery guy. 🙂


Being the only girl in the family means, I almost always lose when we do a family vote. Aircon, on or off? Sleep early or watch Visionaries the whole night? Let’s store the  little Lego-like figures just for the holiday, yes or no?

Christmas village invasion. Not bad at all, I must say.





Advance Merry Christmas! 🙂


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