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Thank You, 2014! Hello, 2015!

From my screen to yours, I wish you a Happy New Year!!!! May 2015 overwhelm us with love, happiness and blessings. 🙂 🙂 🙂

We kicked off the year by…



A series of decluttering

That is Aki and Ate Doring, packing away our holiday decors/books.


Btw, are your yayas back from their vacation?

Anyhoo, after several days of purging, we filled 5 trashbags and 3 big bags for donations. This time, we are donating our preloved clothes, bags and toys to the Bukas Palad community in Tramo.


Two more rooms left. So help me God.



Commitment to be more organized

I bought these expandable plastic envelopes for our monthly and annual budget allocations. Somewhat, it is easier now to see if we are over or underspending.


I also decided to be more hands on when it comes to rotating Aki’s toys. Most of his favorite toys are in these stackable containers which are kept in MY cabinet.



Toys used to be in bins in his room. If you are a parent, you know how toys can take over a playroom or an entire house. We got rid of about 2/3 of his playthings. Some will be donated. A big  chunk were thrown out. At first, I kept asking him if we keep, throw or donate. Since he kept answering “keep”, I waited for him to sleep and then went on a toy-purging spree. How liberating!

Aki and I agreed that every weekend, we will go “toy grocery shopping”. He needs to return the toys he played with in the previous week. Then, he will choose which ones to bring down to his play/study corner for the next week. He also needs to decide if he wants to play with Lego or wooden blocks in the coming days.



Something very exciting happened on the 2nd day of the week. Hit and Run!


Franco and I were watching a movie in the living room when we heard a loud crashing sound outside. When we went out, we saw that a red pick-up truck hit our van’s bumper and sped away. My husband, being the action star-wannabee that he is, ran and ran and ran… in his boxer shorts. No slippers, no shoes, no dignity. Pure adrenaline and high blood rush. Thanks to all the running and boxing we did last year, Franco caught up with the driver. To cut the story short,  we ended the incident on a high note. We chose to forgive and move on.


Financial well-being as a priority

We made a new list of our monthly and annual expenses and projected our budget for the year. Did I miss anything from the lists below?


Our tracking file for the value of our investments was  also updated.

Before the month ends, we are meeting with Efren Cruz, our financial advisor, to review our finances.


Quality time with family

I am so thankful that I got to spend time with my mom. Last year, one of the things I learned is that as we grow wiser, richer, happier, our parents are growing older. I had a couple of friends who lost their moms or dads. It was really sad. To add to that, my mom had a health scare last November. With God’s grace, results were in our favor and no major operation was needed to remove the lump in her neck. I could not think of a better birthday gift.


Pls help remind me to call and visit her often.


With a grateful heart

Franco and I have this tradition of sitting down a few hours before the year ends to list down in a holiday card the highlights  of the year.



2014 is one of our best years. The highlights are on the left side and the short short list on the right are the lowlights.


I have a number of books waiting to be read but these two will be on my bedside throughout the year. The best thing I did for myself last year was to pray regularly. This year, I hope to further grow spiritually.


Again, wishing you a happy new year!



5 thoughts on “Thank You, 2014! Hello, 2015!

  1. Happy new year Maqui! We have a lot of plush toys that we would like to donate. Let me know when you would be donating your collected stuff. Baka pwede namin isabay yung samin 🙂

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