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Christmas Tradition: Christmas Book Collection

Twelve days to go before Christmas! Have you been doing your family’s holiday traditions? The traditions are in full swing in the Endaya household. We removed some and added a couple of new ones. One tradition that we will definitely continue is reading our ever growing Christmas book collection. 

This tradition started back in 2010 with 7 books.


Now we have more or less 40. There is no more room in this bookshelf.


The heavier ones are in a cardboard box on the floor.


When nice books are being sold for as low as PhP 35 in Booksale, who can resist not taking home one or two?

Here is how the corner looks like at night. Doesn’t it look so cozy?


If you have preschooler, I highly recommend the following books:


Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear! by Don and Audrey Wood

Little Drummer Boy by Ezra Keats

Merry Christmas, Stinky Face! by Liza McCourt

Aliens love Panta Clause by Claire Freedman

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss –> Aki’s current fave!



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