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The Morning My Son Turned 5

About a month ago, my little  bunny turned five years old! Can you believe it?!

I am very much aware that in a few short years, he is going to mature and change. I see it my in nephews and nieces. Rocky at 8 years old, does not want to  wear Halloween costumes anymore.  Jyl, our preteen, is not as excited as she used to be about sleeping over in our house. Don’t get me wrong. I love my pamangkins. They are the sweetest nicest rowdiest kids ever. But I do miss the days when they were so easy to please and they were game for anything. So, while Aki is still at that magical stage, I want to make sure that we make as many beautiful memories as we can.

One of the family traditions that I hold dear is the little ceremony that we have on the morning of his birthday. On this day, I wake up early to set-up, around 4AM.  First, I take out the birthday crown from our keepsake box and prepare the birthday cupcake. This year, instead of a cupcake, we used a colorful jelly that I made.


Once those are ready, I make the web. This part I really love. The first birthday gift of the day is waiting in the hall.


As soon as Aki opens his eyes, we put the birthday crown on him, light the candle and sing Happy Birthday. The, he opens his gift. That is our tradition. Simple but we put much effort and love into it.


He karate-chopped his way to our gift.


I totally forgot about the gift wrapping …again… for the 4th time! Thank God for ribbons in my craft supplies.


Inside the box were a Beyblade book, a couple of chipipay Bakugan toys and



Green Court! Several months ago, I told him that if I see a toy left on the floor, I will sweep it away and throw it. At first, he just kept playing and continued making a mess.  After several warnings, he finally understood the message and reluctantly packed away. Unfortunately for him, he left one o his favorite Beyblade toys under the sofa. I hate to see him sad but I have to keep my word and teach my son a lesson. I did not throw out Green Court of course. I just kept it away for months. I am so glad I did because Aki’s reaction upon seeing his toy was just precious.


After mass, we went to my in-law’s where Aki got another Bakugan toy. Thank you, Mama and Tatay!


Do you have your own birthday traditions?

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