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Before and After: Toilet Ring



One of the things that I wanted to tackle during my medical leave was the awful toilet ring that haunted me for months. Had I posted this months earlier, I would have remembered what exactly we did, the order, how long we let products sit. But in case it might help, here are the products that we used on the toilet bowl until we finally erased the ring

1. Coke. Let sit overnight. I think we did this twice.

2. Lemonade juice powder. I read somewhere that the acids of citrus drinks can loosen grime

3. Oxalyc crystals. If they can remove rust on our clothes, maybe they’d work on the toilet too

4. Baking soda. We all know that baking soda has magic cleaning powers. For a month now, I stopped using shampoo and started using baking soda to clean my hair and scalp. Girl scout promise, my hair fall problem vanished just after one washing.

I really wanted to use natural and non-conventional product but I later on surrendered and used commercial cleansers because we were still not achieving the whiteness that I wanted.

5. Xonrox bleach

6. Ate’s usual all-around cleaning powder.

7. Cif. This cleaning paste is available in most supermarkets. According to Ate, of all the products that we used, this one had the most noticeable and immediate effect.

8. Elbow grease. Lots of it. Truth be told, I hate doing chores. Which is why I am beyond grateful that Ate D is reliable and proactive. After a month of trying a lot of products, Ate’s hardwork finally paid off.


What do you think?


🙂 🙂 🙂


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