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Chinese-Style Steamed Fish Recipe

If you are looking for an effective diet, look no further. South Beach is the one for you. I swear by my index toe, it really works. From 129 pounds, I was down to 117 lbs with minimal to zero exercise. That is just one pound away from my pre-Aki weight. And it is not expensive as many of you think. If you prepare your own food, the cost is just the same.

Baked tomatoes with honey mustard dressing, oven-roasted squash,my go-to cookbooks, home-made mint pesto (yummmmm!)


Sharing a recipe that I really liked. It is so easy because you can just put a frozen fillet in a steamer and you are done in 30 minutes.


Step 1. Put a small piece of ginger and several cups of tap water on your steamer. Steam your fish (non-fillet is okay too) for 20-30 minutes or until the fish is cooked thru.

Step 2. Five-10 minutes before the fish is cooked, put 1-2 tablespoons of canola/olive oil in a pan. Heat until smoking.

Step 3. Transfer the fish fillet to a plate. Pour a tablespoon of light soy sauce (Kikoman is the best!). Grate a small piece of ginger and sprinkle on top of your fish. Top the fish with chopped wansoy, kinchay or spring onions.

Step 4: Now pour the very hot oil on your fish. There will be popping/cracking sounds as your oil meets the leafy greens. That is normal and is actually fun.

Step 5. Serve with a smile!


Variation: Bayog-style steamed fish. Recipe care of my mom

– no need for ginger on the water for steaming

– heat grated ginger along with the oil

– no need for light soy sauce



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