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Halloween Post: Who you gonna call??!!!

This year we introduced Aki to our favorite movies and shows from the 80’s and 90’s. I was not surprised at all when he begged for a Voltes V costume. I initially said yes, thinking a Steve costume would be easy peasy. But no! Aki clarified that he wanted to be the robot with matching laser sword, ultramagnetic top and all the other effects. Last year, he made it clear that he was disappointed when we settled for a viking costume instead of the 4 headed dragon that he really wanted. If he is going to be like his cousins, I figured that Aki will only dress up for Halloween until he is eight. He will only be a kid once so I really wanted to grant his Halloween wish. Based on my research, the costume seemed challenging but doable. Thankfully, Aki changed his mind. I was relieved when he decided that he wanted to be Ghostbuster instead.

As early as mid-September, we already started on the proton pack. 


We truly enjoyed paper mache-ing and painting. I love that Aki is now old enough to help in making his costumes.

Thou shall not judge a misis by her plantsa-hin
Thou shall not judge a misis by her plantsa-hin




Now for the outfit….


Esprit pants that look brand new from an ukay-ukay shop in MCS, the place to be = PhP80

Top, also from the same ukay ukay store = PhP40

Black gloves from Bicutan wet market = PhP 20

Elbow pads from Uniwide = PhP20

Goggles also from Uniwide = PhP100

Belt from MCS = PhP 70

Ghostbuster patch c/o of my super crafty, super artistic sister-in-law Mae

Winning Best in Costume Award Twice = priceless!!!!!!


What do you think of our family costume?


Special thanks to my usually KJ hubby for wearing his Stay Puft outfit! 

Past Halloween Costumes

2013 – Disappointed Viking

2012 – Taho Vendor and Traffic Enforcer




PS This is my 100oth blog post. Yipeeeeee!

Thank you

…to Aki and Franco for inspiring me to document our beautiful life

…to everyone who reads this blog and especially to those who leave nice comments.

…to WordPress for providing the world  a free and user-friendly platform. Please don’t change.


7 thoughts on “Halloween Post: Who you gonna call??!!!

  1. hi, maqui! you really are so creative! my little one was also asked to come to school in a “homemade” halloween costume, eh since i have zero talent in making costumes, i had her lola sew one for her! she came as a starbucks frap! aki’s so lucky to have a very resourceful and creative mom. my sadie naman, lucky to have a seamstress for a lola and a very demanding mommy! 🙂 super cute ninyong tatlo! 🙂

  2. OMG my hubby loves Ghostbusters. I can’t stand it. Our grand baby is 3 so he decided it would be a good time to introduce him…he wasn’t interested buy that didn’t stop hubby from watching it, volume turned way up the other day.

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