Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms


I was so sleepy when I was writing this post the other night. It is only now, almost 2 days after, that I realized that instead of saving the draft, I posted it! Hahahaha.


Anyhoo, I am pleased to share that yesterday, Aki was one of the winners of the  Best Halloween Costume Award in Franco’s office. Actually, we just placed second out of probably 150 kids and because I am biased, I don’t agree with the decision of the judges 😛  He was in character and was so talkative all the time.  All. The. Time.


Here are some examples of his kadaldaldaldalan




After we waited for her for more than an hour, our beloved pedia arrived. As she walking towards us

Aki to doc: Tagaaaal (mo) naman!


He said it in a sweet way but still, I wanted to bury my head.




Aki: How old are you, Mummy?
Me: Thirty-one. I will be 32 in November.
Aki ( whispering): You know… when you are 32…. you are going to be a ninja like me.
Me: Oh really? You are a ninja.
Aki: Yes. I went to China and studied in the ninja school.
Me: Ok. I will go to that school too after my birthday
Aki: No adults allowed there. You go to the ninja office.




Aki: Sabi ni Darvin, pede pancit canton baon ko.
Me: Hinde. Ampalaya gusto mo?
Aki (suddenly had panic attacks): No! Noooooooooooooo! Nooo!





Aki: Itchy back!
I then did my motherly duty of scratching his back.

Aki: Higher.. higher… left please.
Me: I can’t reach that part.
Aki (lecture mode on): In our family, we don’t say “I can not”. REMEMBER?!!!




While I was watching a video online

Aki: That is too violent. You should not watch that.


He is so good for my own good.




Aki: Mum, is the rafflesia (the biggest flower in world. This flower stinks according to our research) a creation of the devil?





Notices my white hair

Aki: You have so many white hair!
Me: Alam ko. I am getting old, Aki.
Aki: No, you are only getting smarter.





Aki: Mummy, your hair… it’s like (that of) an evil minion.





Me: What are the different Joyful Mysteries?

Aki: Anunciation… Visitation….. Birth of Jesus, Presentation at the temple…..hmmmm….(thinks)…. Findingtation!






While praying the rosary…


Aki: Hail Holy Weed…






2 thoughts on “Akisms

  1. Aki is hilarious!!! Jacob is starting to talk in real sentences pa lang and it’s already making me laugh and irritated at the same time. Irritated because he copies exactly what I say to him and says it to me in similar situations. Hayayay!

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