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Life is Good… 2014 Q3 Recap Part II

Part I here

Am thankful for the revival of social life. Haha. When Aki was smaller, I used to feel guilty when I spend time with friends. Now that Aki’s bigger and more independent, I am more comfy leaving him with his dad or Ate Doring. Besides, he has his own circle of friends. If he has a social life, I should have one too, right?

Went to UP with my college dormates. We ate in UP Shopping Center, Rodics and Kapit Bahay. Afterwards, we visited our dorm 15 years ago.

10606358_10152332602179135_168351324312327075_n 10361985_10152332600589135_5530178475469425510_n (1)
Lunch out with ex-officemates.


Pasig Excursion and Book-hunting with N@wies Rache and Tin at the Books for Less Warehouse Sale

COL Financial (formerly known as Citisec Online) Seminar with N@wies. Thanks Erl for organizing this event!

Am thankful for Aki’s social skills and the friends that he has. It is so easy for him to make friends and even say hello to kids he just met.

When I rode the school bus with Aki, I was surprised at how chatty he gets when he is around his busmates.


On this day, our favorite loot from Booksale are this giant book about snails (only 35 bucks!) and a new friend.


I love it when we go home from work and find Aki having a blast in our village’s brand new playground.


Or when the house looks like a daycare because his old schoolmates from his playschool drop by to play with him.


My favorite is coming home and finding my son playing habulan in the streets. Ate D was around to make sure that Aki and his friends are safe.


Part III tomorrow

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