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Life is good….2014 Q3 Recap Part I

Welcome Q4 and goodbye and thank you, Q3! The third quarter of last year was one on of the most stressful moments in my life, work-wise. So stressful that even my personal life was getting affected. Franco and I took a leave and sat down to discuss how we want to move forward. We agreed that it was time for Franco to transfer to another company. Once he’s already a regular employee, I should start looking for work in Makati so that all three of us, Aki included, are Makati-based. Everything worked out better than we planned for.  Franco found work in another industry. After 10 years on graveyard shift, he is now working on usual office hours. Aki passed the entrance exam. And as for me, I did not have to move out of the company because in an interesting twist, my department was relocated from Ortigas to Makati.  Yey for answered prayers! Franco was saying the other day, that had my last pregnancy been successful, life would have been too picture perfect. That is so true. We have been truly blessed these last couple of months. And whatever work and personal challenges that we had to overcome in the past, only made us a better and more appreciative.

Am thankful for my friends who added these cuties to my ref magnet collection.


Am thankful for the helpful kuyas in the parking lot who helped Franco replace our flat tire.


Am thankful for the angels in Aki’s school who helped him when he had an accident


Am thankful because we always have food on the table. We discovered the home-based food delivery services in our area. They are one of the reasons why we gained weight!


Am thankful for the career opportunities given to us

Am thankful for unexpected gifts from friends. Thank you, Juvvy!


Am thankful for our garden that gives us food, pets and entertainment.

Ampalaya weekly harvest


Caterpillars that transform into butterflies. See our butterfly projects here and here


Ticklish little beetles. We let them go because we don’t want their parents to worry.


Finally, a makahiya plant.Our last one died 3years ago. So thankful we have a new one that grew out of nowhere.


Part II tomorrow

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