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Cash and Carry Fun Finds

yellow! It’s been a while since I sat down, looked at my picture folder and compose a proper blog entry. One is because I have been busy. Busy with the photoshoot marathon, with work, with my social life. All I can say is life is good. I am beyond thankful. I am amazed at how God puts everything in place.


One of the things in my gratitude list are my boys’ underwear. Haha. One day, I realized that I had enough of my husband’s favorite ratty and skimpy boxer shorts. Haha. And he likes walking around the house topless wearing them. Everytime I tell him how annoyed I am that he keeps on wearing those shorts, he tells me that it is his house so he has the right to do and wear whatever he pleases. Last month, I caught him on a good mood and struck a deal of a lifetime. We will throw out those boxers if we find shorts that are comfortable and cheap.  And that deal prompted our trip to our 2nd favorite mall, Cash and Carry Makati.


I scoured the tiangge stalls while the boss was playing with his son.  Knowing my husband, he does not like comparing products. He will buy the first one that he sees. I rarely get to convince him to buy things for himself so I wanted to make sure that I find the best boxer shorts that Cash and Carry had to offer. After dragging him to the 5 stalls that made it to my shortlist and hearing ” Sige na. Sige na. Okay na yan” ay least 4 times, we agreed to getting these.


Only 70 bucks per pair! My hubby does not look like a laos porn star anymore!  I can’t decide if he looks like a preppy or a corporate topless tambay now.


An since we are in the area, I also got Aki new underwear. Only 40 bucks each.


Of course, I had to get a item or two or five or myself! I got these cuties from the stall right by the entrance. All of them only cost 100 pesos each.

IMG_2127 IMG_2124 IMG_2116



I have checked out several PX goods store in search for that perfect mature feminine perfume for me. In the end, I chose Nenuco. Haha.  I also got Aki this anti-mosquito cologne. This does not smell like citronella at all yet it is very effective.


And lastly, I bought this nail polish for our nail polish buffet in the office, one of  my initiatives for my vanity project.


Hope you are all have a great weekend! Ta-ta for now. We are off to the boxing gym.







9 thoughts on “Cash and Carry Fun Finds

  1. Maqui!!! These shorts are cute! I will buy for myself because the hubby prefers old basketball shorts that go down to his knees. Pero ratty na rin, so I might offer him a similar deal. Hehehe. Thanks for the tip! Haven’t been to Cash and Carry in a while. Now I have a reason to go. 🙂
    Love your blog!

  2. “Everytime I tell him how annoyed I am that he keeps on wearing those shorts, he tells me that it is his house so he has the right to do and wear whatever he pleases.” — Hahahaahha! Onga naman kase, may point sya. 🙂

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